New Trailer and Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Report of Sale

Licensed dealers can submit online applications for New Reports of Sale for trailers and OHVs.

Before you begin:

  1. Have your Occupational License number ready for use.
  2. Have the information available for each vehicle, which includes the vehicle identification number (VIN) and Electronic Report of Sale (EROS) number.
  3. Be prepared to upload electronic copies of the New Report of Sale (REG 397) and any other required documents (front and back as necessary) grouped by VIN.

What happens next:

  • A Transmittal of Registration Application (FO 247V) will be automatically generated for your electronic signature.
  • Information related to the sale will be entered and validated with the EROS system.
    The information in the EROS system must be accurate.
  • Payment will be made online (bank payment or credit card) via link emailed to the dealer representative. Prior credits can be applied to the report on the Payment Credit Tab. Maximum 4 credits per online application.
  • An email containing the status of each transaction will be sent when the application is completed.

Applications requesting issuance of exempt license plates cannot be processed at this time. Please submit all applications requiring exempt plates to your local IBC.