Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Before you begin:

  • Completed testing of autonomous vehicle under controlled conditions close as practical to each Operational Design Domain planning to test.

  • Obtained all test driver information and enrolled drivers in the EPN program.

  • Prepared and provided the autonomous vehicle test driver training program.

  • Provided Evidence of Liability.

  • Registered the autonomous vehicle tester and ensured all vehicle registration requirements were met.

  • Registered in the Employee Pull Notice Program and obtained your EPN number.

  • Registered with the Secretary of State and provided documents.

  • Be prepared to pay by bank account (this requires your bank’s routing and account numbers, as shown on your checks) or you may use a Credit/Debit card. Please Note: There is a 2.3% service fee applied when using a Credit/Debit card only.

Failure to complete any of these tasks may result in your application being rejected.

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