Teen Driver Roadmap

Are you age 15 to 17-1/2? Discover the path from learner’s permit to licensed driver and beyond.

1. Requirements & Restrictions

DMV character Cali celebrating 15th birthday.

You need to be between 15 and 17 1/2 years of age to apply for a learner’s permit. Learn more about age requirements and restrictions.

2. The Exciting Journey Ahead

DMV character Cali driving in blue car with father.

You’ll be driving in no time! Use these tips and checklists to prepare for your driver’s license journey.

3. Take Driver’s Training

DMV character Cali scheduling permit test.

Learn more about driver’s training programs and how to receive your certifications of completions.

4. Apply for Your License

DMV character Cali applying for driver's license online.

Start your application online. Select MVProctor Online to take the online knowledge test at home from your computer.

5. Pass the Written Test

DMV character Cali passing the knowledge test.

Passing the knowledge test shows that you understand traffic laws and safety and are ready to get your instruction permit.

6. Get Your Learner’s Permit

Visit a DMV office to finish the permit process with a vision exam, photo, and fees.

7. Practice with Test Buddy

Sign up to become a DMV Test Buddy and help us research how technology can improve the driver’s license testing process.

8. Test Behind the Wheel

DMV character Cali in the car with her father ready for her driving test.

Once you finish your practice hours, you’ll take your drive test. Good luck!

9. You and DMV

DMV character Cali passes driving test.

Congratulations! From now on, most of your DMV business can be done online with your MyDMV account – just add your DL# to your MyDMV profile.

Next Steps for New Drivers

Congratulations on becoming a licensed California driver!

Here are a few tips to make sure it’s a smooth road ahead:

– Always follow the rules of the road and laws you just learned
– Drive safely and defensively
– Do not text and drive
– Do not drink and drive
– If you have a vehicle, renew your registration every year
– Stay up to date on smog certifications
– Renew your driver’s license every 5 years

Now that you have a MyDMV account, you will be able to start and/or complete most of your business online and on your mobile device.

Come explore all the available DMV services that are available to you online.

Buying Your First Car

DMV character Cali buys first car.

Know your rights and responsibilities before buying a vehicle and learn what you can do to protect yourself before signing a contract.

Registering Your Car

DMV character Cali registering her vehicle.

What you need to do to register your vehicle and the steps to get it done depends on how/where you purchase it.

Changing Your Address

DMV character Cali updating her new home address.

When you move to a new address, be sure to keep DMV up to date.

Replacing a Lost License

DMV character Cali losing her license and applying for a replacement card.

If your license is lost, damaged or stolen, apply for a replacement card. You can convert to a REAL ID if you don’t have one yet.

Renewing Your Registration

DMV character Cali renews vehicle registration.

You need to renew your vehicle registration card and sticker once a year. Keep your registration current to avoid late fees and suspensions.

Selling Your Car

DMV character Cali sells her car.

Use these tips to help you navigate the process of selling your car in California.