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The DMV Investigations Division (INV) protects the programs and interests of the department and public through active fraud/counterfeit detection, investigation, audit and enforcement services.

The Investigations Division diligently enforces laws, rules, and regulations that apply to:

  • New and used vehicle dealers
  • Brokers
  • Dismantlers
  • Registration services
  • Vehicle verifiers
  • Misuse of Disabled Person (DP) parking placards/license plates
  • Driving schools
  • Traffic violator schools
  • Other vehicle-related businesses

If you would like to file a complaint against any of the groups listed above, please submit a Record of Complaint Form (INV 172A) or Record of Complaint (INV 172A SP), Spanish Version to your local DMV office.

Reporting DMV Fraud

DMV does not tolerate workplace fraud and is committed to educating its workforce through annual fraud prevention training that explains how employees can recognize, report, and stop fraud.

What is Workplace Fraud?

  • Misuse of information
  • Accepting bribes for services
  • Issuing fraudulent documents
  • Stealing property or money
  • Wrongfully waiving fees

How to Report Workplace Fraud:

If you suspect a DMV employee of fraud, please complete a Fraud Complaint Form (INV 19) and email it to:

DMV Personnel Complaints

The Department of Motor Vehicles Investigation Division has a defined procedure for investigating civilians’ complaints against Department Investigators. Therefore, investigations of allegations of misconduct involving DMV Investigators (sworn peace officers), shall be complete, impartial, and timely. Although complaints cannot always be resolved to a civilian’s satisfaction, all investigations are conducted objectively, with a goal of maintaining public confidence and departmental integrity. After completion of the investigation, complaints are directed through the chain of command for an impartial review. After final approval, the civilian is provided with a closing written response.

The civilians’ complaint process is designed to investigate the allegations of civilians and to make a determination of fact as to any wrongdoing. In cases where a false complaint is maliciously filed against a peace officer, that officer is entitled to file a civil action. Therefore, it is important all allegations presented in a complaint to the Department be based on factual information. Penal Code section 148.6 requires that all law enforcement agencies accepting an allegation of misconduct against a peace officer shall require the complainant to read and sign a Personnel Complaint Form (INV2015).

DP Parking Placard/License Plate Abuse

DMV INV proactively carries out DP parking placard enforcement operations throughout the year in an effort to reduce the impact that disabled placard fraud has on the mobility of those with disabilities.

California Vehicle Code (CVC) §4461(b) (c) makes it illegal to borrow, steal, or otherwise display a DP parking placard/license plate that is not registered to you. This means that you cannot lend your placard to a friend, family member, or acquaintance and allow them to use it. It also means that you must report your placard/plate if it gets stolen, and that you cannot display your DP parking placard/license plate if it has been cancelled or revoked.

How to Report Disabled Person Parking Placard/License Plate Abuse:

To report someone you suspect is misusing their DP parking placard/license plate, please submit an online report.

You can also print out a Record of Complaint Form (INV 172A) or Record of Complaint (INV 172A SP), Spanish Version and submit it at an INV Investigations Office near you.

Learn more about who can get a DP parking placard/license plate, when you can use one, and more.

Unlicensed Vehicle Dismantlers

Unlicensed dismantling happens when the vehicle is stripped for parts without the required environmental protections.

It is illegal for any person to act as a vehicle dismantler without establishing a business, meeting specific requirements, and having a current (valid) license or temporary permit issued by DMV.

Along with representatives from other government departments, DMV investigates the illegal activities of unlicensed and unregulated vehicle dismantling, potential tax evasion, and environmental damage caused by the activity.

How to Report Illegal Dismantler Activity:

Unlicensed vehicle dismantling can happen anywhere. If you suspect a person or business may be dismantling vehicles without the proper license or permit, you should report a complaint online.

You can also print a Record of Complaint Form (INV 172A) or Record of Complaint (INV 172A SP), Spanish Version and submit it at an INV Office near you.