Paperless Notices

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Go Paperless! DMV now offers paperless notices for Driver’s License and Identification Card renewals. Continue to check back for more paperless notice options in the future.

Update your paperless notice preferences to get DMV notices and reminder emails.

What you need to know…

  1. You will need to create or log in to your MyDMV account.

  2. You can update your preferences at any time.

  3. It is important to keep your email address and mailing address up to date on your MyDMV account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning August 2021, the DMV began sending electronic renewal notices to eligible customers who opt in who have driver’s licenses expiring in December 2021.

Beginning Fall 2021, DMV customers will be able to request email notices for vehicle registration renewals.

Once customers sign in or create a secure DMV online account, they can opt in to receive driver’s license/identification card renewal notices by email. This paperless option simplifies the renewal process by providing a direct link to the online renewal form sign-in page, as well as information about applying for a REAL ID.

The DMV sends out renewal notices about three months before a license expires, typically once every five years.

Vehicle registration renewals are annual. A renewal notice is sent for each vehicle about three  months in advance of the renewal date. If you own more than one vehicle and have opted in for each vehicle, you will receive a renewal notice for each eligible vehicle you have opted in for paperless notices.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is offering Californians the option to receive renewal notices by email as part of its ongoing effort to expand digital services and reduce its carbon footprint.

Once customers sign in or create a secure online account at, they can opt in to receive driver’s license/identification card renewal notices by email. Soon, customers will also be able to request vehicle registration renewal notices electronically.

You may opt in at any time to receive renewal notices electronically. Any future renewal notices you request to receive electronically will be emailed to you.

If you sign up today for an electronic driver’s license or identification card renewal notice, you will be emailed your notice the next time your license or identification card is up for renewal.

No. Once you sign up to receive your renewal notice by email, you will not be sent a paper renewal notice through the mail.

You may log into your account and change your preferences at any time.

If you want to get your renewal notices by email, you will have to sign up. Currently, an electronic email notice is completely optional.

If your email changes you will need to log into your DMV account and change it in order to receive renewal notices at your correct email address.

The DMV implemented the new email notification service with security in mind. Email renewal reminders will not include the full driver’s license number, and the DMV does not share customer email addresses with private companies.