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DMV’s Research & Development Branch has been conducting research and producing studies and reports since the 1950s. Research & Development reports help DMV to measure the impact of new laws on making drivers safer. We also identify areas where we can improve our processes, explore new approaches to solving existing problems, and branch out into new opportunities to serve you better. 

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393 Results

Report ID Date Published Title Section Links
NRN061 1994/ 01

Quantifying the Net Accident Contribution of Convicted DUI Repeaters: Some Methodological Issues and Preliminary Findings

By: Raymond C. Peck

To quantify the role of convicted DUI offenders as a traffic safety problem.

NRN062 1994/ 12

Evaluating DUI Program Impact in Quasi Experiments

By: Raymond C. Peck

To increase awareness of the need for rigorous research designs in evaluating DUI intervention programs and to present examples where quasi experiments have produced relatively equivocal results.

NRN065 1996/ 01

DUI Educational and Rehabilitation Program Effectiveness-A Review of California Experience

By: Raymond C. Peck

To review the California research evidence on the relative effectiveness of Dill treatment programs, and to present an overview for traffic safety practitioners and policymakers in New Mexico.

NRN066 1969/ 12

Conviction Rate for a Sample of Citations Issued by the California Highway Patrol

By: California Department of Motor Vehicles

To gain information on the composition and disposition of citations issued by the California Highway Patrol for violations of California's road laws.

NRN067 1971/ 10

An Optimum System for Traffic Enforcement/Driver Control-Volumes I through III

By: Roy Finkelstein & John McGuire, Sociosystems, GTE - Sylvania, Inc. under contract to DMV

This study was conducted in response to a 1968 Senate Resolution (SR 160) which directed the California Department of Motor Vehicles to make an in-depth study of functions performed by state traffic enforcement/ driver control agencies.

NRN068 1972/ 12

An Optimum System for Traffic Enforcement/Driver Control-Volume IV: The Evaluation of the Recommendations Made by the Consulting Firm

By: California Department of Motor Vehicles

To provide background information regarding the Sylvania study (preceding page), and to identify areas of concern to management and resultant actions taken; to present a matrix of the major study recommendations with the involved departments' stands and status on each. (Departments: OTS - Office of Traffic Safety, DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles, AOC - Administrative Office of the Courts, Judicial Council, and CHP California Highway Patrol.)

NRN069 1976/ 01

Comprehensive Long Range Plan

By: California Department of Motor Vehicles

To summarize the department's plans for improving its effectiveness and service to the public, using a management-by-objectives (MBO) approach and moving beyond the two-year budget cycle in planning.

NRN070 1976/ 04

Administrative Adjudication of Traffic Offenses in California: A Feasibility Study

By: California Department of Motor Vehicles

To comply with Senate Concurrent Resolution 40 (1975 Resolution Chapter 86), which mandated a feasibility study of administrative adjudication of traffic infractions.

NRN071 1989/ 01

Elderly Driver Interventions

By: Raymond C. Peck

Raymond C. Peck

NRN072 1966/ 06

A Profile Study of the Financially Irresponsible Driver in California

By: California Department of Motor Vehicles

To develop a profile of "financially irresponsible" drivers in California; that is, drivers suspended as a result of not having insurance at the time of an accident.