DMV TestBuddy

Driver Education 1

The DMV to Study Driving Behavior

Seeks Volunteers to Download an App

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is using a smartphone application (app) to conduct a study of how technology can help improve the driver’s license testing process.

The study allows volunteers to provide the DMV with valuable driving information through a simple smartphone app. Volunteering is easy. To participate simply:

  • Download the DMV TestBuddy (iOS or Android) app
  • Turn on the DMV TestBuddy app and drive as usual
  • Data is confidential and only viewed by DMV researchers
  • You may opt out anytime

Once the app is turned on the participant is automatically enrolled in the study. There is no need to notify the DMV of participation.

The data collected will provide objective insights on driver behavior while on specific roads and during various driving conditions.

This study is open to all noncommercial instruction permit holders and anyone recently licensed. The DMV is requesting that driving schools encourage their driving students to participate in this important study.

“We hope people will volunteer to help us accelerate innovation and improve the DMV customer experience,” said DMV Director Steve Gordon. “We continue to use technology and streamline our processes to modernize the DMV.”

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