Driver Safety

COMING SOON! Driver Safety will introduce a fast, efficient, simplified online case management system.

One of DMV’s major responsibilities is to promote driver safety and protect motorists by minimizing the number of unsafe drivers. DMV also understands the importance of a driver’s license and a person’s independence.

Keep California Roads Safe

Responsible drivers evaluate and assess their driving skills and abilities on an ongoing basis. If you are concerned about your driving, ask a trusted friend with a valid driver’s license to sit in the passenger seat and observe you. Listen carefully and apply what you learn to your driving. Consider professional driving lessons or driving classes to sharpen your skills.

Modern Case Management

Driver Safety is going digital with an efficient, simplified online case management system. The online system will be beneficial to all Californians, allowing faster response times to driver safety issues, challenges and actions. Until then, continue with the current procedures for submitting and retrieving documents via mail or fax.

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