Dismantled Vehicle Application

Licensed Dismantlers can submit one online application for a bundle of up to 10 dismantled vehicles.

How to Navigate the Dismantled Vehicle Application (Step-by-Step)

Before you begin:

  1. Have your Occupational License (OL) number ready for use.
  2. Have the information available for each vehicle, which includes the vehicle identification number (VIN), acquisition date, and information related to the ownership documents.
  3. Be prepared to upload electronic copies of the required documents (front and back as necessary) grouped by VIN.

What happens next:

  • A Transmittal of Registration Application (FO 247V) will be automatically generated for your electronic signature.
  • A Notice of Acquisition (REG 42V) will be automatically generated for your electronic signature.
  • For Notice to Dismantler (Report of Vehicle to be Dismantled) (REG 42) forms that are automatically generated, the OL Division will be notified of the submission to satisfy the 5-day requirement. If the bundle submission is more than 5 days after the acquisition date, an Administrative Service Fee (ASF) will be due. Dismantlers will continue to mail in the bottom portion of the paper REG 42s to DMV.
  • An email containing the status of each transaction will be sent when the bundle is completed. Original ownership documents are to be surrendered to your local Industry Business Center (IBC) within 90 days pursuant to VC § 11520.

    The bottom portion of the REG 42 must be mailed to Department of Justice within 5 days of the date of acquisition. A completed copy is included in the automatically generated documents emailed to you for your convenience.