Driver’s License Renewal for 70+

Save time when you visit the office by starting your renewal online.

1. Driving After 70

Drivers 70+ must renew their DL in person at the DMV every five years. 

2. Your Renewal Notice

DMV sends a renewal notice to your address of record about 60 days before your driver’s license expires.

3. Save Time, Start Online

Start your driver’s license renewal application to save time at the DMV office.

4. eLearning (e is for enjoyment)

Select “eLearning” on your renewal and enjoy a 20 minute no-fail self-paced exam that you take online from home. eLearning is an easy open-book no-fail course currently available in English and Spanish.

5. Prepare for Your Appointment

After completing the renewal application, you’ll need to visit DMV to finish the rest of the renewal process.

6. Your Appointment

Arrive to your appointment with adequate time and with documents in hand.

7. Your Renewal Status

Check the status of your driver’s license renewal online anytime.

9. More Resources for Seniors

If you want to learn more about driver safety and how seniors can stay on the road longer, these resources can help.

Next Steps for Senior Drivers

Here are a few tips to make sure it’s a smooth road ahead:

– Always follow the rules of the road
– Maneje de manera segura y a la defensiva
– No mande mensajes de texto mientras maneja
– No maneje tomado
– Renew your registration every year
– Mantenga al corriente las certificaciones de emisiones contaminantes (smog)
– Renueve su licencia de manejar cada 5 años

You can take care of most of your DMV business online with your MyDMV account.

Come explore all the available DMV services that are available to you online.

Driver Improvement

Mature drivers who successfully complete an approved mature driver improvement course can qualify for reduced insurance premiums.

Maintaining Independence

Get tips and helpful information to prepare for changes in your driving skills and keep you driving safely.

Cambiar de dirección

When you move to a new address, be sure to keep DMV up to date.

Replacing a Lost License

If your license is lost, damaged or stolen, apply for a replacement card. You can convert to a REAL ID if you don’t have one yet.

Renovar su matrícula vehicular

Necesita renovar su tarjeta de matrícula vehicular card and sticker once a year. Keep your registration current to avoid late fees and suspensions.

Selling Your Car

Use these tips to help you navigate the process of selling your car en California.