Filing a Complaint For Unlawful Activities

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If you suspect or have witnessed any DMV violations or unlawful activities, you may file a complaint.

Unlawful Activities

DMV is responsible for conducting administrative and criminal investigations for alleged violations committed within the State of California only.  Complaints related to out-of-state entities or individuals will need to be filed in the appropriate state.

Types of Complaints

Typical complaints focus on the following:

  • Document Fraud
    It is unlawful for persons and businesses to alter, forge, falsify, or counterfeit DMV-issued documents (for example, driver license/identification cards, vehicle titles, registration cards, disabled person parking placards, etc.) that passed or attempted to pass as genuine. Fraud also includes false vehicle-related advertising.
  • Licensed Businesses Violations
    It is unlawful for licensed businesses, such as vehicle dealers, brokers and their salespeople, dismantlers, registration services, and driving and traffic violator schools to violate DMV regulations. Examples include failure to provide registration documents/license plates, vehicle contract violations, overcharging DMV fees, and failing vehicle registration transfer requirements.
  • Unlicensed Businesses
    It is unlawful for businesses or persons to provide vehicle-related services without a DMV-issued business license. This includes unlicensed vehicle dealers, brokers, and salespeople, also known as “curbstoners.” It is also unlawful for any person to act as a vehicle dismantler without having an established place of business, meeting specific requirements, and having a current valid business license or temporary permit issued by DMV. Unlicensed dismantling happens when a vehicle is stripped for parts without the required environmental protections.
  • Odometer Fraud (Odometer Rollback)
    It is unlawful for vehicle dealers, sellers, or brokers to change or alter odometer mileage readings to make a vehicle appear to have lower mileage.
  • Disabled Person Parking Placard Abuse
    It is unlawful for persons to lend their placard to someone else, forge a medical professional’s signature to obtain a disabled person parking placard, use someone else’s placard, possess or display a counterfeit placard or license plates, provide false information to obtain a placard or license plates, and alter a placard or placard registration card.
  • Employee Related Fraud
    The DMV investigates allegations related to unlawful access of information, fraud, theft of monetary items, and misconduct.