Research & Reports

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DMV produces many studies and reports each year across a variety of topics and performance metrics. 

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Research Project on Cannabis-Impaired Driving 

The California Department of Motor Vehicles, in partnership with the California Highway Patrol and the University of California, San Diego, is seeking 300 volunteers from the Sacramento area to participate in a study to test various methods to detect cannabis-impaired driving. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved research project is set to begin in August. 

Annual Reports to the California Legislature

DMV is required to report to the California State Legislature on a number of matters, from budget committee updates to DMV Now Kiosk engagement and more.

DMV Performs

How are we doing? Here you can find reports on our performance, measured by things like how many customers served in a given year, how many registrations were processed, fee distribution, and more.

Research Studies & Reports

With studies dating as far back as 1959, DMV’s Research and Development branch has been and continues conducting research to identify areas for improvement, explore new solutions to existing problems, and discover new opportunities to serve you better.

Field Office Wait Time Reports

On average, how long do people wait to see a DMV representative? Here you can find monthly reports on wait times at DMV offices.

Research & Development Data Dashboards

These dashboards present data visualizations from various publications of the Research & Development Branch (see “Research Studies & Reports” above), including the Annual Reports of the California DUI Management Information System.