Department of Motor Vehicles Performance Reports

How are we doing? Here you can find reports on our performance, measured by things like how many registrations were processed, fee distribution, and more.

Your DMV fees go a long way toward paying for important state and local government services and environmental and highway-related projects.

Please select a link below to see how your DMV fees are distributed.

DMV offers several ways for our customers to complete their business with us. Customers who meet certain eligibility requirements may renew their driver license (DL) via mail or Internet, as an alternative to field office service. This performance measure shows the number of eligible DL renewal customers that chose to renew their DL via an alternative service option.

Other than being served in a field office, customers may renew their vehicle registration by dropping it in the mail, calling one of our call centers, going online, going into a local auto club, using one of our participating DMV business partners, or by using one of our DMV Now Kiosks.

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In accordance with the State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA), DMV is required to submit to the Department of Finance a report on the review of DMV’s systems of internal controls and monitoring processes. The SLAA report is due by the end of each odd-number calendar year. The DMV SLAA report is posted on the DMV website as required by Assembly Bill 728 modifying Section 13405 of the Government Code relating to State government.

California’s Administrative Per Se (APS) license suspension law requires DMV to immediately suspend/revoke the driving privilege of anyone driving under the influence of alcohol. The APS Fact Sheet contains yearly information about:

  • The number and type of APS suspensions initiated vs. set aside;
  • The offender status and license classification of drivers who incurred APS suspensions;
  • The number and type of APS-related license restrictions;
  • The number and outcome of APS review hearings.

Please select a link below to view the APS Fact Sheet for a particular year.