Where Did Your 2018 Fees Go?

Chart depicting where your 2018 DMV fees go.

Where Did Your 2018 Fees Go?

37.2% goes to Local Government (Cities/Counties).

21.6% goes to CHP.

11.3% goes to DMV.

24.9% goes to State Highways (Caltrans).

1.4% goes to Air Resources Board.

1.4% goes to General Fund.

1.1% is reserved for economic uncertainties.

0.5% goes to Environmental Agencies.

0.3% goes to Department of Justice.

0.3% goes to Other State Agencies.

2018-2019 Estimated Total $10.69 Billion.

Source: 2018-2019 Revised Governor’s Budget.

Fees are subject to law changes. California Vehicle Code, California Harbors & Navigation Code, California Civil Code, California Government Code, California Health & Safety Code, California Code of Civil Procedures, and California Revenue & Taxation Code sections are noted for reference.