Permanent Disabled Person Placard Renewal

You can renew your Permanent Disabled Person Placard online. Use the Quick Start Guide to help you.

How to renew:

  1. Complete the renewal online using your Disabled Person Placard ID Card.

  2. If you have your renewal notice, scan the QR code or use your Renewal Identification Number to submit your signature and renew.

    Stay secure. Use the QR code scanner built into your iOS or Android device. Only use a newer phone (Android 8 and later; iOS 11 and later) and the native QR code reader that came with your phone to scan. Non-native QR code reader app downloaded from an app store may act as malware and/or adware, which may compromise your mobile browser.

  3. There is no charge to renew your Disabled Person Parking Placard. It’s a free service and no credit card or other type of payment is required.

  4. If you have moved, you can update your placard address while renewing.

    Once DMV receives your signature, your new placard will be mailed and received in two to four weeks. The new placards will expire in June 2025. A new placard will not be issued until DMV receives your signature.

Where To Find Your Information

Renewal Notice

Sample Disabled Person Placard Renewal Notice. The locations of the Renewal Identification Number and owner's full name are marked with arrows. The renewal identification number is in the center of the document a third of the way down, owner's name is on the bottom-left of the notice.

Placard Identification Card

Sample Disabled Person Placard Identification Card. Placard number, date of birth, and owner's name are marked with arrows. Placard number is on the top-right, date of birth and owner name are on the left side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your new placard will be mailed to you once DMV receives your signature. If you renew online, you should receive your placard within two to four weeks.

Previously, permanent disabled parking placard holders would automatically receive a new placard through the mail every two years. Beginning in 2023, placard holders who received their original permanent placard before January 2017 are required to provide a signature to receive a new placard.

In 2017, the California legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 611, requiring DMV to send renewal notices to permanent placard holders every six years or before the third placard renewal. Customers must provide their signature before the department can mail a new placard.

DMV will be sending renewal notices to approximately 2 million permanent placard holders notifying them that they need to provide their signature. These customers should respond to the renewal notice soon to receive their new placard by the June 30, 2023, expiration date of the current placard. The new placard will expire in June 2025. If you received your original permanent parking placard after December 2018, you will not receive a notice during this renewal cycle, and you will automatically receive a new placard in the mail prior to the June 30, 2023, expiration date of your current placard.

DMV will mail you a renewal notice after two automatic renewals.

If your original placard was issued after December 2018, you will automatically receive a new placard in the mail prior to the June 30, 2023, expiration date of your current placard.

No. This change only affects permanent parking placards.

You can provide an electronic signature by scanning the QR code on your renewal notice, or through the online application. When renewing online, you will need the Renewal Identification Number on your renewal notice.

If necessary, you can sign and mail the notice to DMV using the provided return envelope.

If you received your renewal notice and it is no longer available, you may still renew online. You will need to include your name, date of birth, and placard number as listed on your placard identification card.

If you are renewing a placard on behalf of a business, the system will automatically bypass your need to enter a Date of Birth.

No. You can complete your renewal online or by mail.

DMV will not issue a new placard until it receives your signature.

A signature is required to receive a new parking placard. You are encouraged to respond to the renewal notice soon so you receive a new placard before your current placard expires on June 30, 2023.

You will be able to provide a new mailing address for your placard while renewing online.