Medical Examination Report

Submit a CDL Medical Examination Report

Before you begin:

As a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holder, you are required to submit a medical report dated within the last two years, every two years. You are required to submit:

These forms need to be completed by a United States (U.S.) licensed doctor of medicine (M.D.), licensed doctor of osteopathy (D.O.), licensed physician’s assistant (P.A.), registered advanced practice nurse (APN), or licensed doctor of chiropractic when you apply for a DL or learner’s permit.

Drivers who hold certificates to drive school buses, School Pupil Activity Bus Certificate (SPAB), youth buses, General Public Paratransit Vehicle (GPPV), or farm labor vehicles must have their medical examinations given by doctors of medicine, licensed physician’s assistant, registered advanced practice nurse, or a chiropractor who is listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (CVC §12517.2)

Refer to the Commercial Driver License Handbook for more information.

If your commercial license is expired, suspended or lost; do not use this application.

How To Submit Medical Examination Report (Step-by-Step)