How To: Dispose of a Vehicle Valued at $500 or Less Removed by a Public Agency

You always need the:

You may also need the:

  • Application for Authorization to Continue Lien Sale After Unsuccessful Service (REG 659) form.
  • Statement of Facts (REG 256) form.

Disposing of a Vehicle Valued at $500 or Less

This process may only be used to satisfy a possessory lien on a vehicle valued at $500 or less moved to your premises by or on behalf of a public agency for reasons other than abandonment placed in a storage garage by law enforcement).

A vehicle disposed of under these provisions can only be sold to a licensed dismantler or scrap iron processor. It cannot be restored and reregistered unless it qualifies as a horseless carriage or historical vehicle.

How Do I Get Owner Information?

To receive a copy of the vehicle record (DMV printout) listing the owner(s) and interested parties, submit a completed Registration Information Request For Lien Sale (INF 1126) form with the fee shown on the form.

When Must I Submit the INF 1126 to DMV?

DMV must receive your (INF 1126) within 15 working days following the date of possession or you may not charge for storage beyond that 15-day period. A California Law Enforcement Telecommunications Service (CLETS) printout (obtained by the impounding law enforcement agency for the impound report or subsequent hearing) for the vehicle may be accepted in lieu of the DMV printout.

Notice of Your Lien

After you receive the DMV printout, you must send the following forms by certified mail (return receipt requested) or by U.S. Postal Service Certificate of Mailing, to the registered and legal owner(s), if any, and any other persons with an interest in the vehicle:

  1. A completed Notice of Intent to Dispose of a Vehicle Valued at $500 or Less (REG 684) form.
  2. A return envelope preaddressed to you as the lienholder.

Disposal Without a Declaration of Opposition

You may dispose of the vehicle to a licensed dismantler or scrap iron processor no earlier than 15 days after the REG 684 was mailed unless you receive a Declaration of Opposition on the REG 684.

What If I Receive a Declaration of Opposition?

You may not dispose of the vehicle if you receive a Declaration of Opposition on the REG 684 that is completed, signed, and postmarked within 10 days of the date you mailed the REG 684, until you do one of the following:

  • Obtain a release of interest from the declarant (person opposing the sale).
  • File an action in court within 20 days of the date the (REG 684) was mailed and obtain a judgment in your favor.
  • Have evidence that you were unable to serve the declarant pursuant to CVC §22851.8(e).

If You File an Action in Court

1. Serve the declarant either by:

  • Certified mail (return receipt requested). If the summons is returned unclaimed, you may proceed with disposal. The unopened unclaimed summons must accompany the documents provided to the licensed dismantler or scrap iron processor.
  • In person by a marshal, sheriff, or licensed process server. (Process servers are registered by the County Clerk of the respective counties.) If the marshal, sheriff, or process server cannot serve the declarant, you may continue with the judicial proceeding or proceed with disposal. If you are unable to accomplish service you must notify the DMV Lien Sale Unit by mail at:

    Department of Motor Vehicles
    Lien Sales Unit
    P.O. Box 932317
    Sacramento, CA 94232-3170

2. Provide the Lien Sale Unit with a copy of the documents with which service on the declarant was attempted and an Application for Authorization to Continue Lien Sale After Unsuccessful Service (REG 659) form.

3. Upon receipt of your notification of unsuccessful service, DMV will send you authorization to proceed with disposal of the vehicle and notify the declarant of the authorization. If the declarant is served, a copy of the court judgment issued in your favor must be included with the documents submitted to the licensed dismantler or scrap iron processor.

What Documents Are Given to the Licensed Dismantler or Scrap Iron Processor?

You must deliver the following to a licensed dismantler or scrap iron processor:

1. A copy of the REG 684 sent to all parties with postal receipts attached.

2. The impound report from the public agency.

3. A Statements of Facts for Vehicle Valued at $500 or Less Removed by a Public Agency for Reasons Other Than Abandonment (REG 686) form, completed and signed by you.

4. A Statements of Facts (REG 256) form, completed by the garage keeper or agent, declaring the value, if the public agency fails or refuses to put a value on the vehicle within three days after the vehicle removal date.

5. If a Declaration of Opposition was:

  • Not received, a REG 256 stating this.
  • Received, a copy of the court judgment or DMV’s authorization to continue the sale.

What If the Vehicle Is Redeemed?

If the owner claims the vehicle before disposal, you may recover your costs for towing, storage, and to process the required notices (not to exceed $70).

What If the Vehicle Has No DMV Record and/or Known Interested Parties?

Complete the following forms:

  • The (REG 684) and indicate “No Interested Party” on the right side of the form.
  • The (REG 686) and mark the “No vehicle record on the DMV database, no interested party” box.

Give the licensed dismantler or scrap iron processor the REG 684, REG 686, DMV or (CLETS) printout, and impound report.


If you have questions, you may call the DMV Lien Sale Unit at (916) 657-7617 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.