DMV Modernizes with Option to Upload REAL ID Documents Before an Office Visit

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March 9, 2020

Department encourages Californians to take advantage of “Express Experience”

Sacramento – The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) continues to modernize and improve the customer experience in its offices and online, and today announced its new “DMV Express” is now available at 23 offices – allowing people the opportunity to fill out the online application for REAL ID, upload documents at home and receive an “Express Experience” at a local DMV office.

“No more excuses. No reason for Californians who want a REAL ID not to come to an office. No appointment is needed, and now there is an option to bring your confirmation and be treated as if you have an appointment,” said DMV Director Steve Gordon. “Fill out the application, upload your documents and bring those documents with your confirmation number for an ‘Express Experience’ the same day or at your earliest convenience.”

The convenient program allows customers planning to get a REAL ID to upload documents for authentication prior to visiting the office to shorten the REAL ID application process in the office. The customer can then visit a field office the same day or at their earliest convenience to receive express service without an appointment. The confirmation is their reservation.

Take advantage of the “Express Experience” today at the following offices: Davis, El Monte, Fremont, Fullerton, Laguna Hills, Los Gatos, Manteca, Newhall, Pasadena, Pleasanton, Redwood City, Sacramento Broadway, San Clemente, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose Driver License Processing Center, San Mateo, San Pedro, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Temecula, Vacaville and Walnut Creek. More than 21,000 customers completed this process by the end of February, and DMV anticipates the new service will be available statewide by June.

DMV is improving its technology for long-term customer service benefits, as well as increasing capacity in the near-term to accommodate the growing number of Californians who are applying for REAL IDs ahead of the October 1 federal enforcement date.

“As the DMV becomes a world-class organization, we are eliminating redundancies, reducing the use of paper and leveraging technology to bring our services to the people 24/7 through the use of smartphones, tablets, self-service kiosks and the web,” said Gordon.

Another convenient feature now offered allows customers to check in at a DMV office, provide a cell number and then be notified by text when their place in line is nearing the front.

“With this information, you can leave the office, run an errand or drop the kids off at school and know when your turn is close,” said Gordon.

Soon, DMV customers will receive a mobile ticket via text that they can track through the process. Customers will receive a number when checking in at a DMV office and will automatically be notified of their place in line and estimated wait time.


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