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March 18, 2020

Sacramento – The California Department of Motor Vehicles today announced the following actions it is taking to protect the health and safety of our customers and employees during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Beginning immediately, behind-the-wheel drive tests have been cancelled for the next 30 days. DMV will be contacting customers to reschedule their drive tests.

Immediately suspending extended office hours and Saturday field office service. DMV offices will be open for appointment-only services on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Appointment-only service for transactions that require an in-office visit
Beginning March 19, 2020, customers whose transactions require an in-office visit will be served on an appointment-only basis. This action will significantly reduce the number of people in our offices at any given time.  Our appointments system will allow us to better manage the flow of people coming to our offices and accommodate social distancing recommendations.

Driver license transactions that require an in-office visit include:

  • Applications for a new driver license or REAL ID
  • 70 years of age and older, who are required to take a knowledge test
  • Individuals who are required to renew in the office (last DMV visit was 15 years prior)
  • Individuals subject to vision testing
  • Individuals with complex driving history

Most vehicle registration renewals can be done online, at DMV kiosks, mail or phone. Vehicle registration renewals that are not eligible to use an alternative service channel include:

  • Outdated insurance information
  • Registration expired for 90 days or more
  • Smog issues
  • Recent transfer

Customers without an appointment will be scheduled for a return visit (if their transaction must be done in-person) or redirected to alternative service channels in order to complete their DMV business.

Social Distancing Measures in Field Offices
Other measures DMV is taking to promote social distancing include offering a texting service so customers can check in, leave the office and come back inside once they are notified by text of their place in line. In addition, seating is being reduced in our lobby to create more space between seats. 

There are services that can only be offered in a field office, like a REAL ID. Customers who must come to an office for service should go online or call to make an appointment.

Asked California law enforcement to exercise discretion in the enforcement of Driver Licenses and Vehicle Registrations expiring in the next 60 days
DMV has asked California law enforcement to exercise discretion when reviewing driver license and vehicle registration records that expire in the next 60 days. DMV took this action so that seniors and those with underlying health conditions can avoid required visits to field offices for driver license or vehicle registration renewals.

DMV Virtual Field Office
On Monday, March 23, DMV will launch its Virtual Field Office to augment the online services that are already available to DMV customers. Customers will be able to upload documents and provide an e-signature for the most popular DMV services, such as vehicle title transfers, commercial driver license renewals, name or gender change, driver license reinstatements or changing endorsements.

The Virtual Offices are in addition to the other online services already available to DMV customers. Certain transactions, such as vehicle inspections, new driver licenses, drive tests and REAL ID, will still require an office visit.

Encourage Californians to take advantage of the dozens of services offered online or through other service channels.
Most DMV tasks can be accomplished online and do not require an office visit. A full list of online services can be found at

The DMV is also engaged with many business partners that offer DMV services. There are also 365 kiosks located throughout the state where customers can renew a vehicle registration and receive stickers as well as other tasks. Transactions can also be done by mail and phone.

Online DMV Services Currently Offered

See online services currently offered by DMV.

A login (online account) is required when accessing secure information. Currently the four applications that require login are change of address, request for driver or vehicle records, and renewing your DL/ID.

Coming Soon

  • Replace a lost, stolen or damaged driver license/ID card
  • Renewal and Reinstatement of Occupational License (Salespersons only)

Additional online services/forms

General Use

  • eForm
    Fill out forms online.
  • Commonly Used
    Our most frequently requested forms.
  • Vehicle Registration forms
    To apply for registration, duplicate titles, change your address and other services.
  • Driver License and Identification Card
    To change your address, renew by mail, provide medical information, and other services.
  • Boat/Vessel
    Buying, selling, or registering watercraft
  • Driver Safety
    Forms used in Administrative Hearings and Reexaminations
  • Accident Involvement
    If you have been involved in an accident the reports you will need to file.
  • Request for Records and Consumer Complaint
    To obtain information from DMV or file a consumer complaint

Vehicle Industry

  • Commercial Requester Account
    Establish a Commercial Request Account to obtain information from DMV
  • Employer Pull Notice
    Employers in this program may apply, submit changes, and more
  • Employer Testing Program
    Employers in this program may apply, submit changes, and more
  • International Registration Plan (IRP) Program
  • Motor Carrier Permit
  • Private Carrier of Passengers (PCP) Program
  • Permanent Fleet Registration (PFR)
  • Occupational Licensing
    Industry licensing forms for salespersons, dealerships, and more
  • Vehicle Registration Industry
    Registration forms for insurance companies, dealers, and more
  • Manufacturer Ignition Interlock Device

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Program Forms

  • DUI Program Signatory Authority
  • Request For DUI Program Forms


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