Occupational Licensing Forms

Form #Form Title
ADM 9050Appointment of Director as Agent for Service of Process
DL 9Application for Certification of Ignition Interlock Device
DL 28Laboratory Report
DL 170 ETPCertificate of Driving Skill
DL 405ETP Administrator Training Self-Certification 
DL 520 ETPETP Application for Employer Number
DL 520B ETPEmployer Testing Program Agreement
DL 520C ETPEmployer Testing Program Voluntary Cancellation Request
DL 524 ETPEmployer Testing Program Surety Bond
DL 546APhysician’s Health Report
DL 612Student License Manual
DL 806 ETPETP Original Employer Application Checklist 
DL 807 ETPEmployer Testing Program Commercial DPE Maneuver Checklist
DL 811 ETPEmployer Testing Program Examiner Certification Application
DL 813 ETPETP Request for Reinstatement Employer Number
DL 814 ETPEmployer Testing Program Commercial Driving Performance Evaluation Route and Directions
DL 817 ETPEmployer Testing Program Request for Reactivation Employer Number
DL 818 ETPEmployer Testing Program Refresher Training Request
DL 819 ETPEmployer Testing Program Examiner Driver Testing Log
DMV 8016Request for Live Scan Service
OL 12Application for Original Occupational License
OL 15Corporate Officer and/or Director Change
OL 15ALimited Liability Company Member, Manager, and/or Appointed Officer Change
OL 16ASalesperson Change of Employment
OL 16IApplication for Driver Instructor and All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Instructor License
OL 16RApplication for Representative License
OL 16SApplication for Salespersons License
OL 18Application for Duplicate or Corrected Vehicle Salesperson License
OL 18RApplication for Replacement, Duplicate or Corrected Representative License
OL 19Application for Vehicle Verifier’s Permit
OL 21Application for Modifications to an Occupational License
OL 21AOriginal Application for Occupational License
OL 21DAutomobile Dismantler Occupational License Application
OL 22Application for Occupational License Special Plates, Stickers, Registration Cards, and Duplicate License
OL 25Dealer Surety Bond
OL 25ARemanufacturer Surety Bond
OL 25BSurety Bond of Motorcycle Dealer, Motorcycle Lessor-Retailer, All-Terrain Vehicle Dealer, or Wholesale
OL 25CLessor-Retailer Surety Bond
OL 25EDeposit Agreement and Assignment
OL 26Vehicle Verifier Surety Bond
OL 29BApplication for Occupational License Personal History Questionnaire
OL 29IApplication for Occupational License
OL 45Renewal Application
OL 45ADriving School Owner, Traffic Violator School Owner, and All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Training Organization Renewal Application
OL 54Application for Appointment and Agreement as a Non-Public Undocumented Vessel Registration Agent
OL 62Zoning Verification for Vehicle Dismantler’s License
OL 73Application for Temporary Branch Location
OL 73AApplication for Temporary Branch Location (30 days or less) Recreational Vehicle Dealers (Motorhome and Recreational Trailer)
OL 73CLetter of Authorization (Licensed California Manufacturers)
OL 75Occupational Licensing Branch Auto Broker Log
OL 79CNotification by Licensee Out-of-Business Report
OL 100Request for Occupational Licensing Information
OL 107Corporate Declaration
OL 124Certificate of Proposed Franchise
OL 133All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Training Organization Insurance Certificate
OL 139Property Use Verification for Registration Service License
OL 140Property Use Verification for a Driving School or Traffic Violator School License
OL 142Traffic Violator School Owner Assurance of Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990
OL 144Traffic Violator School Classroom Lease or Rental Agreement
OL 160Fee Schedule Acknowledgement
OL 201Transporter Application Checklist
OL 203Driving School Instructor Occupational Licensing Application
OL 205Application for Instructor License Modification
OL 206Driving School Vehicles No Longer Used for Behind-the-Wheel Instruction
OL 207Driving School Insurance Certificate
OL 210Driving School Program Handbook
OL 211Driving School Operator License Renewal Application
OL 211IDriving School Operator Internet-Only License Renewal Application
OL 214Certificate Issuance Log
OL 216Application for Occupational License
OL 217Application for a Driving School Operator License
OL 217IApplication for an Original Driving School Operator License Internet-Only
OL 218Driving School Owner or All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Training Organization Principal Surety Bond
OL 219Driving School Instructor Original Application Checklist
OL 221ASafety Inspection Report Vehicle Used for Instruction
OL 221MSafety Inspection Report Motorcycle Used for Instruction
OL 222Driving School Owner Application Checklist
OL 225Driving School Operator Original Application Checklist
OL 225IDriving School Operator Internet-Only Original Application Checklist
OL 226Application for Modification to a Driving School Owner License and All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Training Organization
OL 235Driving School Instructor Lesson Plan
OL 236Driver Education Lesson Plan
OL 247Report or Replace Lost, Stolen, or Surrendered Occupational License Special Plates
OL 248ANew Dealer Application Checklist
OL 248BUsed Dealer or Dealer Wholesale Only Application Checklist
OL 248NNew Dealer Application Forms Packet
OL 248UUsed Dealer Application Forms Packet
OL 249ADismantler Application Checklist
OL 395DDismantler Acquisition, Reg 42 Order Form
OL 395RRegistration Transaction Authorization Agreement Form, Reg 600 Order Form
OL 599Registration Service Application Checklist
OL 600Application for Modifications to an Occupational License for Registration Service
OL 601Application for Original Occupational License for Registration Service (PART A)
OL 605Registration Service Surety Bond
OL 607Registration Service Questionnaire
OL 609Traffic Violator School Public School Instructor Certification/Deletion
OL 612Request for DMV Approval of a Traffic Violator School Name
OL 613Outline of Required Topics and Standards for State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles Approved Traffic Violator School Course
OL 624Random Retest Compliance Self Certification
OL 625Ignition Interlock Device Program Complaint
OL 704BTraffic Violator School (TVS) Owner Surety Bond
OL 710Application for Traffic Violator School Operator and Instructor License
OL 710ATVS Instructor Application Checklist
OL 711Application for Modifications to A Traffic Violator School Operator and Instructor License
OL 712Traffic Violator School Branch Business Office/Classroom Application
OL 713Application for Traffic Violator School (TVS) Owner License
OL 736Application for Modifications to a Traffic Violator School License
OL 737Classroom/Branch Renewal Application
OL 740Application for Renewal of Traffic Violator School Instructor License
OL 750TVS Operator Application Checklist
OL 756Application for Renewal of Traffic Violator School Operator License
OL 757Application for Traffic Violator School (TVS) Administrator Change
OL 764Request for Approval of TVS Educational Program
OL 766Request for Use of an Approved TVS Program
OL 771Enrollment Application TVS/Court Primary Administrator Traffic Violator Course Completion Database
OL 771ATraffic Violator Course Completion (TVCC) Database TVS/Court Primary Administrator Access Request
OL 804Application for Authorization to Issue Student License
OL 810Notification of Commercial Skills Test Schedule
OL 850Traffic Violator School Quarterly Report
OL 854Official Classroom Location Schedule
OL 854ENotification of Class Schedules
OL 856Traffic Violator School Instructor Written Test Order Form
OL 857Occupational Licensing Vessel Agent Supply Order Form
OL 1002Application for Approval of Mature Driver Improvement Course
OL 1005Mature Driver Improvement Course Certificate, OL 1001 Order Form
OL 1008Mature Driver Improvement Course Guidelines
OL 4000Postal Service Verification of No Mail Delivery Service or Change of Mailing Address
OL 4002Certification of Compliance California Labor Code 3700
OL 4007Occupational Licensing Notice of Cancellation