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A court may refer a driver to traffic violator school at any time. However, California Vehicle Code Section 1808.7 mandates that only one conviction in an eighteen (18) month period be masked from public view on your driving record. The eighteen (18) month period is calculated from citation/violation date, not class attendance date. Courts are required to adjudicate all major (2 point) violations; courts are prohibited from sending drivers who commit major violations to traffic violator schools for the purpose of masking a conviction.

If you need an extension of time, please contact the court which imposed the sentence; the DMV has no authority to grant extensions. You may attend any traffic violator school with a valid license status listed on this web-site. When you have completed the course, the school will issue you a receipt and a completion certificate. It is your responsibility to return the completion certificate to the court.

Benefits of Attending Traffic Violator School
NOTICE: If you are eligible and decide not to attend traffic school your automobile insurance may be adversely affected. The citation will also go on your record and reflect the point count that goes along with the violation. Too many points may lead to being considered a Negligent Operator and your privilege to drive may be suspended.

In addition to court fees, a $3.00 TVS Program fee must be paid. The traffic violator school will also charge a fee to provide course material and issue a receipt and a completion certificate.

Filing a Complaint:
All complaints must be filed in writing. The following form is available online at: https://drive.dmvonline.ca.gov/s/complaints

Commercial Driver’s License/Commercial Vehicle Operators:
The record of the department relating to the first proceeding and conviction for a driver licensed with a class A license, class B license, or commercial class C driver’s license in any 18-month period who is allowed, for a traffic offense while operating a vehicle requiring only a class C or a class M license, to complete a course of instruction at a traffic violator school, is not confidential and shall be disclosed for purposes of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations and to insurers by the department for insurance underwriting and rating purposes.