Disengagement Reports

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Autonomous vehicle manufacturers that are testing vehicles in the Autonomous Vehicle Tester (AVT) Program and AVT Driverless Program are required to submit annual reports to share how often their vehicles disengaged from autonomous mode during tests (whether because of technology failure or situations requiring the test driver/operator to take manual control of the vehicle to operate safely).

To request previous disengagement reports, please email AVarchive@dmv.ca.gov.

2021 Autonomous Vehicle Disengagement Reports (CSV)

2021 Autonomous Mileage Reports (CSV)

2020-21 Autonomous Vehicle Disengagement Reports (CSV)(first-time filers)

2020-21 Autonomous Mileage Reports (CSV)(first-time filers)

2020-21 Autonomous Vehicle Disengagement Reports (CSV)(driverless)

2020-21 Autonomous Mileage Reports (CSV)(driverless)

Any currently active permit holder not listed in the previous CSV files, has either reported no autonomous testing on California’s public roads during the reporting period, or was not required to submit an Annual Report of Autonomous Vehicle Disengagement (OL311R) this reporting year.

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