Interstate Carrier Program

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The DMV is pleased to announce the approval of the Notice of Proposed Regulations for the Interstate Carrier Program (ICP) which was previously known as the Bonded Web User (BWU) Program. The ICP allows DMV to partner with private businesses to remotely process International Registration Plan (IRP) registration transactions for apportioned vehicles. Please review the ICP Regulations if you are interested in applying.

You can apply for ICP if you operate:

  • A registration service as defined in California Vehicle Code (CVC) §505.2 that holds a valid registration service license issued by DMV.
  • A vehicle leasing or rental company that processes IRP vehicle registrations for their own purposes.
  • A Motor Carrier Association as defined in CVC §1685.1.

To apply for ICP, you will need:

Submit these forms with payment to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
2415 First Avenue, MS C383
Sacramento, CA 95818

For questions please contact the ICP Administrator at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you participate in the ICP, you can:

  • Receive same-day service for your plates, cab cards, and stickers.
  • Have full control over the transaction process from initiation to completion at your approved location.
  • Submit exact fees calculated by DMV.

DMV requires a mandatory two-day training on the IRP system for approved applicants.

The following fees are associated with ICP (some fees may vary):

  • $349 for original application (nonrefundable).
  • $269 for renewal application (nonrefundable).
  • Commercial Requester Account Code Application fee.
  • Live Scan fees (varied based on the organization providing service). Please visit the State of California Department of Justice website to access a list of live scan processing facilities in your county.
  • Surety bond in the amount of $50,000 issued by a California Admitted Surety Insurer (Bonded Company).
  • Fees associated with the annual compliance audit performed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

IRP is a federally sanctioned program that helps process commercial vehicle registration and operation in 48 states and 11 Canadian provinces.

IRP member jurisdictions collect registration fees from their ‘home-based’ interstate trucking companies on behalf of each member jurisdiction where the companies operate and must register.

Within the IRP system, you can process the following transactions:

  • IRP New Carrier
  • IRP New Fleet
  • IRP Fleet Renewal
  • IRP Add Vehicle
  • IRP Add Vehicle with Replacement Credit
  • IRP Weight Group Change
  • IRP Amend Vehicle
  • IRP Cab Card Correction
  • IRP Fleet to Fleet Transfer
  • IRP Replacement Cab Card
  • IRP Name Change
  • IRP Delete Vehicle
  • IRP Replacement Sticker
  • IRP Replacement Weight Decal
  • IRP Change Carrier Type/Commodity Class

ICP participants can issue the following inventory:

  • Apportioned vehicle license plates
  • Year stickers
  • Commercial Vehicle Registration Act (CVRA) weight decals
  • CVRA year stickers

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