New Occupational Licensing Online Service

New Information

In October 2022, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will launch a new online service that allows Occupational Licensing (OL) customers to apply for and manage their occupational license. This new system will streamline the way customers do business with DMV by replacing an aging system with a single, user-friendly online portal.

New Online Access Modules

  • Apply for a new license
  • Renew or modify an active license
  • Pay fees associated with a license or application

Electronic notifications will update customers on the status of their application and prompt them when additional steps are required to complete the application.

Support and Assistance for Users

When this new online service is available, step-by-step guides will be offered on the DMV website. DMV will also provide helpful videos to walk customers through key functions in the new portal.

Keep in Touch—Help Spread the Word

Customers can help spread the word by sharing the information contained in this memo with stakeholders inside and outside of their business.

As DMV continues to develop these new services, team members will keep occupational licensees updated on improved ways of doing business with DMV.


Currently, customers who are licensed with OL must submit forms and payment by mail or visit a DMV office. The new online portal provides an electronic method to submit applications and fees. Going paperless also eliminates mail delays and cuts down on processing time between application and issuance.


Notification that this memo is available at, under Vehicle Industry Services, was made via the California DMV Automated Email Alert System in August 2022 to the following:

  • Dealers
  • Registration Services


If you have any questions, call (916) 229-3126.