Vehicles No Longer in DMV Records

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If your vehicle is titled in California, but it has not been registered for four years or more, DMV may no longer have a digital record of your vehicle. Even if you still have DMV-issued paper documentation for your vehicle, you must re-establish a digital record of your vehicle.

If you have the title:

If you do have the California Certificate of Title or the original expired California registration card (not a photocopy), you can submit a new registration application.

You will need:

If you do not have the title:

If you do not have a California Certificate of Title or expired registration card, or you only have a photocopy of the registration card, the following items are required to register your vehicle:

In some cases, you may also need to submit the following:

If you do not plan to operate the vehicle, but wish to obtain a Certificate of Title issued in your name, you may apply for a “Title Only” by completing a REG 256 form and a REG 102 form.

Do I need to pay any fees?

Fees are due from the first time you drive your vehicle. 

Make sure you pay your fees before operating the vehicle.

The amount of fees due (except for trailers in the PTI program) will depend on the cost of the vehicle, the county of residence, and the type of vehicle.

A fee estimate can be determined at the time of your registration application. You can also use the online vehicle registration fee (VLF) calculator to calculate an estimate.

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