DUI Management Information System Dashboards

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DUI Summary Statistics

These dashboards show data on DUI arrests and DUI convictions in California. In addition, these dashboards show the total numbers and percentages of alcohol-and drug-involved fatalities for the same time period. The total numbers of DUI arrests are derived from the Monthly Address and Citation Register (MACR) system that is maintained by the Department of Justice. Data on alcohol- and drug-involved fatalities are provided by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) based on data from the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS).

DUI Arrests

(DUI-MIS Section 1) – These dashboards show statewide parameters, county variations, ad demographic characteristics of DUI arrests in California. These visualizations are based primarily on data collected annually by the Department of Justice, Criminal Justice Statistics Center, Monthly Arrest and Citation Register system and reported by individual law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

DUI Convictions

(DUI-MIS Section 2) – These dashboards show state parameters, county and court variations, demographic characteristics, and adjudicative categories of DUI conviction data for offenders arrested. These visualizations are based on abstracts of convictions for DUI and DUI-related offenses reported to the DMV by courts throughout the state.

Postconviction Sanctions

(DUI-MIS Section 3) – These dashboards show statewide court-ordered sanctions, variations by county and court, and variations by offender status for DUI offenders arrested and subsequently convicted. The dashboards also include information on ignition interlock device installations for these DUI offenders. The visualizations are based on abstracts of convictions for DUI and DUI-related offenses reported to the DMV by courts throughout the state.

Postconviction Sanction Effectiveness

(DUI-MIS Section 4) – These dashboards show DUI recidivism and crash rates for different groups of DUI offenders within different time periods. The dashboards also show information on DUI program referrals, enrollments, and completions, as well as the results of analyses evaluating the relationship between DUI programs and DUI recidivism and crashes for first DUI offenders assigned to 3-month or 9-month DUI programs.

License Suspension/Revocation Actions

(DUI-MIS Section 5) – These dashboards show data on DMV license disqualification actions – license suspension or revocation (S/R) – based upon either DUI arrest or DUI conviction. These S/R actions are initiated by the receipt of either a law enforcement Administrative Per Se (APS) report or a court abstract of conviction. It should be noted that multiple actions can result from a single DUI incident-for example, a DUI arrest frequently will result in both an APS suspension and a (later) mandatory postconviction suspension action.

Drivers in Crashes Involving Alcohol and Drugs

(DUI-MIS Section 6) – These dashboards present data on drivers in alcohol-and-drug-involved crashes, as compiled and reported by the California Highway Patrol. The visualizations only include crashes involving injury or fatality, due to incomplete reporting of property-damage-only crashes.