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Traffic Accident Report SR 1


Traffic Accident Report SR 1

If you are involved in a vehicle accident that occurred in California, you must report it to DMV if:

  • There was property damage of more than $1,000 ($750 for accidents prior to January 1, 2017) or
  • Anyone was injured (no matter how minor) or
  • Anyone was killed.

Under California Vehicle Code section ยง16000 each driver must submit a Traffic Accident Report to DMV within 10 days. The accident report is required whether or not you were at fault or if the accident occurred on private property.

You can read the California Driver Handbook "Reporting The Accident To DMV." for additional information.

Information you will need to complete this form:

  • Date of the accident
  • Time of the accident
  • Location of the accident

Following is information needed for both parties

  • Name of driver
  • Driver license number
  • Vehicle information (year, make, plate number or VIN)
  • Insurance information (located on insurance card)
    • Company name (not the agent or broker)
    • Policy number
    • Policy Period
    • Policy holder

Information needed for injury/death or property damage

  • Name and address
  • Property damaged (mailbox, fence, livestock, etc.)

Helpful Links

To learn more about how your information is shared as well as the laws that protect the release of your information visit How Information is Protected or Disclosed.

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