Form Orders & Reproductions

Policy Statement

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) policy regarding forms is to:

  • Make forms available to customers.
  • Permit customers to obtain reproduced forms from a private business entity as long as they use the most recent revision of the form.
  • Permit private business entities to produce forms in DMV approved format with prior written approval from DMV.

General Guidelines

Upon request, local DMV offices and headquarters processing units will provide a maximum of 25 copies of a form.

The Materials Management Section located at DMV’s warehouse in Sacramento will provide a 6-month supply of a form (based on the customer’s usage) as long as the warehouse maintains an adequate supply of the form. The Materials Management Section will process requests for forms in bulk quantities within 21 working days of receiving the request.

How to Order Forms in Bulk Quantities

Requests must be submitted on business letterhead. The request must include the form number, title, quantity required, street address for delivery (no PO Box), contact name, and telephone number.

Submit by mail, fax, or email to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Materials Management Section
4201 Sierra Point Drive, Suite 112
Sacramento, CA 95834-1998

Fax Number: (916) 928-6817
EMail Address:

DMV will process the request if forms are available. Requesters will be notified if forms are not available.

Questions regarding requests may be directed to the Materials Management Section at (916) 928-7901.

Alternatives to Using DMV Forms

  • Forms may be purchased from a printer who has a DMV approval number to reproduce specified forms.
  • Forms may be generated from a computer with prior approval from DMV. Follow the guidelines listed below. Unapproved forms will be rejected.

Form Reproduction Guidelines

The following must be reproduced as closely as possible to the DMV version:

  • Size of form.
  • Format–precise placement of text, graphics, and margins.
  • Content–latest revision must be used.
  • Number of pages and/or sides.
  • Form legibility–equivalent quality or better.
  • Font size.
  • Font style-Arial or equivalent.
  • Color of paper and text ink.
  • Form number.
  • Revision date.
  • Paper weight.
  • 3/8 inch (2 picas) blank margin around the form.
  • Necessary indexes or markings for document imaging or bar coding.
  • It is the requester’s responsibility to check with DMV for the latest revision of the form.

New Requirements:

Copyright Notice–must consist of the following elements:

  • The word “Copyright.”
  • The copyright symbol “©.”
  • The year of revision or, for a new form, first year of publication.
  • “State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles.”
  • “All rights reserved.”

Example for REG 42 (REV. 3/2007) form:

Copyright © 2007 State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles. All rights reserved.

The copyright symbol may be typed with the keyboard number lock on by pressing and holding the Alt key and typing “0169” on the number pad.

Reproduced Form Box–replaces the DMV logo and must contain the following elements:

  • The box should measure .5 inch x 1.19 inches.
  • The words “Reproduced Form” in 8 point bold Arial font.
  • The approval number provided by the Divisional Forms Reproduction Administrator in 12 point bold Arial font.
Examples of Reproduced Form Box:
Reproduced Form
for REG forms
Reproduced Form
for DL
Reproduced Form
for SR forms
Reproduced Form
for FO forms
Reproduced Form
for BOAT forms
Reproduced Form
For MC forms

DMV forms are subject to copyright law protections. Written permission from the DMV Divisional Form Reproduction Administrator must be obtained to reproduce any DMV Form.

Requests to reproduce forms with serial numbers may be considered but will be subject to additional requirements reporting criteria, and a signed agreement.

The following form elements must not be reproduced:

  • DMV logos.
  • Any reference to the Office of State Publishing (OSP)–either OSP or a seven or eight digit number on the bottom right hand corner of the form (i.e., 14 12345).
  • The State Seal.

Exception: If the form is photocopied, the items listed above do not need to be removed. Photocopying in bulk quantities requires prior DMV approval.The photocopy size must be the same size as the original form and must be legible.

Requesters may not add the following:

  • Company name.
  • Company assigned tracking numbers.
  • Company logo, contact information, website, or email address.
  • Any verbiage that may be construed as an advertisement.

Forms that may not be reproduced:

  • Accountable forms.
  • Certificates (e.g., ownership, registration card, driver education, etc.).
  • Licenses and special certificates (photo and temporary, and any form used to reproduce driver licenses).
  • Application for Driver License/Identification Card (DL 44 or DL 44C) form.
  • Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment Form (REG 262).
  • Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form.

Reproduction Approval Process

  • Requesters for form reproduction must follow the procedures below to obtain permission to reproduce DMV forms.
  • The reproduced form must be thoroughly proofread and in the final format prior to submission to DMV.
  • DMV review time frame is approximately 30 calendar days.
  • Any reproduced form containing errors or not replicating the DMV version closely enough to be acceptable will be returned to the requester.
  • Each subsequent submission by the requester will undergo an additional 30-day review period.

When the DMV form reproduction is approved, the requester:

  • Must sign a Reproduction Agreement stating that any and all employees responsible for form reproduction in the requester’s organization have read, understood, and agreed to abide by DMV’s reproduction guidelines and conditions.
  • Will receive an approval letter stating the specific form name and revision date approved along with a hard copy of the requester’s approved form stamped “approved” and signed by the DMV Divisional Form Reproduction Administrator.
    • The Divisional Form Reproduction Administrator will maintain the approval agreement, approval letter, and approved form which will be available for review should any questions arise over the request approval and actual form approved.
    • The requester must keep the approval agreement, approval letter, and approved form on file at their organization.
  • Will be assigned an approval number which must be displayed in a box on the form in place of the DMV logo. The approval number:
    • Is specific to the requester and the reproduced form revision.
    • May not be used by any other entity, on any other form, or on any other revision of the reproduced form.
  • May not make any changes to the approved form at a later date without subsequent written approval from the DMV Divisional Form Reproduction Administrator.
    • Anytime a DMV form is revised, the requester must obtain written approval to reproduce the revised form. A new approval number will be assigned.
    • The requester should check the DMV Forms section to determine when forms have been revised and then promptly submit a request for approval of the revised reproduction.

DMV may suspend, cancel, or revoke the registration of a vehicle, certificate of ownership, license plate, or permit if any form used in the transaction does not contain all the requisite information.

Form Reproduction Contacts

Send the reproduced electronic form with a letter of request for approval to the DMV Divisional Form Reproduction Administrator for the form type below:

Form TypeAddress
Registration (REG)
Vessel (BOAT)
Motor Carrier (MC)
DMV Policy Division
2415 First Avenue, MS D168
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 610-1189
Driver Licensing (DL)
Financial Responsibility (SR)
DMV Policy Division
2570 24th Street, MS J163
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 657-5691
Field Operations (FO)DMV Field Operations Division
2415 First Avenue, MS F106
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 426-0726

Faxing reproductions is not recommended.