Employer Testing Program Examiner Training Schedule

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ETP Refresher Course Description

ETP Refresher Part 1 along with ETP Refresher Part 2, will satisfy the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirement for Examiner Refresher Training every 4 years to maintain your Examiner Certification.

ETP Refresher Part 1 will completed online.

ETP Refresher Part 1 consists of 9 self-paced online modules and an instructor-led 6-hour webinar. It is estimated that the self-paced modules will take a maximum of 16 hours to complete. The time may be concentrated in two days or spread out over several days or even weeks. You may work at your own pace, and complete modules as your schedule allows. However, take note, time should be scheduled specifically to complete this work.

Upon completion of the online modules, the ETP Examiner Knowledge Assessment final exam will be made available for you to complete online. A score of 80% or better is passing.

ETP Refresher Part 1 will culminate in a 6-hour instructor-led webinar. This is an opportunity to help clarify any questions you have concerning scoring criteria or CDL Skills Test administration. This webinar is designed to help you be successful during the 2 days of CDL Skills Test Observations that will be conducted in ETP Refresher Part 2.

ETP Refresher Part 2 will be conducted live, in person.

ETP Refresher Part 2 is the observation/demonstration portion of the course and will take place at the at either our Northern or Southern California training site. In Part 2, you will be observed as you conduct mock CDL Skills Tests with trainers acting as applicants. Trainers will co-score with you to determine scoring is within consistency standards.

Successful completion of both segments is required to maintain your certification. The segments must be completed in order and within the time frame defined below:

  • ETP Refresher Part 1 is prerequisite to Part 2 and must be completed successfully no more than 15 days in advance of Part 2.

The following schedule is subject to change.

ETP New Examiner Class DateETP Refresher Class DateLocation
10/25-10/26Northern, CA
10/31-11/1Northern, CA
10/31-11/1Southern, CA
11/2-11/3Northern, CA

*The self-paced modules must be completed prior to the beginning of the scheduled mandatory webinar