Employer Testing Program


The Employer Testing Program (ETP) authorizes qualified commercial employers to administer the drive test portion of DMV’s commercial driver license requirements for commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs).

How to Apply

Learn more about applying for the ETP, renewing your authorization, or modifying your authorization.

Apply for the ETP

ETP Participation Requirements

To participate in the ETP:

  • Your company must have a documented driver testing/training program.
  • Applicants and employers should review and understand the ETP regulations covered in California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 13, Division 1, Chapter 1, Article 2.1 – Commercial Driver Licenses, Employer Testing Program.
  • Each commercial driver applicant issued a Certificate of Driving Skill, (DL 170 ETP) by an ETP employer must pass a commercial driving test that meets DMV’s commercial driving test requirements.
    • A DL 170 ETP does not guarantee the driver will be issued a CDL. To monitor the training and testing programs of ETP participants, we will randomly select drivers certified through the ETP to take a DMV administered driving test (drivers have 30 days to complete this drive test). Any driver failing to report to DMV for the driver test may have their CDL application cancelled or downgraded to their prior license class.
  • Your company must only use, and may not vary from, DMV approved drive test routes when conducting a commercial drive test. Learn more about drive test route approval.
  • Your company must provide training and testing in the vehicle type indicated on the application. The examiner and administrator must certify to this on the Certificate of Driving Skill (DL 170 ETP).
  • Your company must note if your drivers will be operating vehicles carrying hazardous materials.
  • Examiners must complete and pass a nationwide criminal background check to be certified to administer driving tests.
  • The examiner conducting the commercial drive test must have:
  • Examiners and commercial drivers employed by an ETP employer must be continuously enrolled in the DMV’s Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program.

Employer Administrator Requirements

An administrator is an employee who:

  • Is knowledgeable about the ETP requirements.
  • Oversees the employer’s CDL training, testing, and record keeping.
  • Requests renewal and modification of DMV authorization to conduct a licensing test.
  • Acts as an employer liaison with DMV.

In order to perform the duties of an administrator, the person must be designated as such on the Employer Testing Program Application for Employer Number (DL 520 ETP).

An administrator may not act as an examiner under the same employer number.

Authorized Representative Requirements

Authorized representatives are employees who are responsible for certifying the driver is employed, is required to operate a commercial vehicle in the course of employment, has attended training, and passed a drive test which meets DMV’s drive test requirements and standards. The authorized representative approving a Certificate of Driving Skill, (DL 170 ETP) must be listed on the Employer Testing Program Application for Employer Number (DL 520 ETP) or the form will be rejected.

An examiner cannot act as the authorized representative for the same driving test they conducted.

Examiner Requirements

An examiner conducts CDL driving tests as a third-party tester on behalf of DMV.

Examiners must:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The company’s drivers do not automatically lose their CDL driving privileges. However, if DMV determines the testing practices were insufficient, DMV may require the company’s drivers to be given a new drive test at a DMV Commercial Driving Test Office to retain their CDL.

There is no program requirement for an administrator to hold any class of driver license for ETP participation.

An authorized representative can act as examiner. However, an authorized representative cannot sign as the examiner and authorized representative on the same Certificate of Driving Skill, DL 170 ETP.

At least annually.

No, the contract is to be established by the examiner and the employer. The contract must indicate the provisions to administer the drive test, the provisions for examiner CDL requirements, and may include any other provisions your company deems necessary.

Yes, as long as the examiner conducting the test is not the other’s examiner’s subordinate, or have any authority over them, and they carry the appropriate license to test the other examiner.

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