Occupational Licensing Information Request

You may request Occupational License information that isn’t available in the Occupational License Lookup (OLL).”

If the information you’re looking for isn’t in the OLL, you can submit a Request for Occupational Licensing Information (OL 100) along with the applicable fees. Before replying with the requested information, DMV will block out residential addresses, social security numbers, and home telephone numbers on all copies.

To avoid delay in receiving the requested information, be sure that:

  • The information provided on the form is clear, legible, and complete.
  • You include your daytime telephone number where you can be reached if there are any questions.
  • The Record Purpose and Reason(s) provided is clear and includes enough detail and supporting information to justify the release of the information.
  • You enclose a check or money order made payable to DMV for the total amount of fees due for the type of information requested.

Fees are subject to change without notice and are non-refundable regardless of record availability. The service fee covers the cost of searching department records, whether a record is located or not.

Public and confidential records

Non-confidential information contained in Occupational Licensing records is open to the public for inspection. Confidential record information may only be disclosed to a court, law enforcement agency, government agency, or when authorized by a specific federal or state statute. The Public Information Guide summarizes the type of information available and how to request it.

Public requests for confidential residential address information must include the purpose and reason for the record request, and the regulation, rule of court, or federal/state statute, identified by code name and section, which requires or permits its use.

If your request does not include authorization for the release of confidential residential information, a current record without the residence address will be released by DMV.


Photocopy of licensee file: $20

Print-out of licensee record: $5

Certification letter: $5

Listings (on CD or electronic copy)

If you want the information on magnetic tape, there is an additional $25 charge to the fees listed below.


  • New Auto-Commercial Dealers (cars/trucks): $90
  • Used Auto-Commercial Dealers: $350
  • New Motorcycle Dealers: $39
  • Used Motorcycle Dealers: $39
  • New Trailer Dealers: $62
  • Used Trailer Dealers: $39
  • New Snowmobile Dealers: $39
  • Used Snowmobile Dealers: $39
  • Wholesale Dealers: $70
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV) Dealers: $39
  • Brokers: $39
  • Vessel Agents: $39


  • Auto-Commercial Transporters: $39
  • Trailer Transporters: $39


  • Auto-Commercial Manufacturers: $39
  • Trailer Manufacturers: $39


  • Dismantlers: $70
  • Distributors: $39
  • Lessor-Retailers: $39
  • Remanufacturers: $39
  • Driving Schools: $39
  • Traffic Violator School: $39
  • Registration Services: $39
  • Employer Testing Program: $39
  • Date in Business/Date Out of Business: $39

Fees to order a dealer list by county only

  • Los Angeles County: $117
  • Orange County: $78
  • San Diego County: $78
  • All other counties: $39

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