Partial Year Registration

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Commercial motor vehicles not operated throughout a calendar year may be eligible for partial year registration (PYR). PYR can be valid for any amount of time between 1-12 months. 

To apply for PYR, you must do the following on or before the annual registration expiration date:

  • Notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) by mail or in person of your intent to operate the motor vehicle on a partial year basis.
  • Pay applicable fees:
    • Pickups with an unladen weight of 8,000 lbs or less or motor vehicles operating under 10,001 pounds: Pay full registration, county, vehicle license, prorated unladen weight, and PYR service fees for the first projected period of use.
    • Motor vehicles with an operating weight of 10,001 pounds or more: Pay full registration, county, vehicle license, Cargo Theft Interdiction Program (CTIP), prorated Commercial Vehicle Registration Act (CVRA), PYR service, and CVRA decal fees for the first projected period of use. The CTIP fee is not due for pickups, tow trucks, or vehicles used solely to transport people for hire, such as ambulances, buses, electric-powered vehicles, limousines, taxis, and some vans (if used solely for passenger transport).

To register your commercial motor vehicle for the second and subsequent periods of use within the same calendar year, you must contact DMV by mail or in person to:

Frequently Asked Questions

DMV will accept PYR fees or planned nonoperational (PNO) status filing fees up to 60 days prior to the vehicle registration expiration date.

If your vehicle is registered PYR in any year, you have until December 31 of the next year (end of the complete annual registration period for PYR vehicles) to pay an “open-ended” PNO status filing fee. Once the PNO status is set on the vehicle record, no further action is required until you decide to operate the vehicle again.

You will be required to submit a Certificate of Non-Operation (REG 102) certifying that the vehicle was not operated since the end of the most recent period of use for which fees were paid and that you do not plan to operate the vehicle. If you operate the vehicle, registration fees will be due.


If a vehicle is registered as PYR at any time in a calendar year, no action on your part is required during the rest of the year if you choose not to use the vehicle.

If the motor vehicle is not used during an entire calendar year, you must submit a Certificate of Non-Operation (REG 102) and pay a PNO status filing fee on or before December 31, of that year, to avoid penalties. You may still apply for PNO status within 90 days after December 31, but penalties will be due.

After 90 days, eligibility for PNO status is forfeited and full year fees and penalties are due.

If your PYR motor vehicle has a current PNO status on DMV records and you now want to use it, you must:

  • Submit a Certificate of Non-Operation (REG 102) certifying, under penalty of perjury, that the vehicle was not operated since the end of the most recent period of use for which fees were paid.
  • Pay full registration, vehicle license fees, prorated unladen weight or CVRA fees, a CTIP fee on some commercial motor vehicles, and PYR service fees for the first projected period of use.

Registration fees may be paid at any time during the year, prior to operating the vehicle.

Paying full registration, vehicle license, and unladen weight or CVRA fees at any point during the year changes your vehicle from PYR to full year registration status. If you pay the full fees after the registration expiration date, penalties will be assessed.

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