Quagga Sticker Request

Boat Side

This online system allows you to purchase a Quagga sticker. Vessels used in fresh waters are required to display a current Quagga sticker, unless the vessel is used only in marine waters, or exempt by law.

The purchase of a Quagga sticker is not a requirement for vessel registration. If you choose to purchase a Quagga sticker, the sticker will be mailed to you separately.

Before you begin…

  1. Have your vessel CF number, if available.

  2. Be prepared to pay the $16 fee.

    • A 2.1% service fee is added to debit and credit card transactions.
    • If paying by e-check, only one item may be purchased at a time.

For more information regarding the Quagga and Zebra Mussel Infestation Prevention fee and sticker, please see the frequently asked questions on the Boat and Vessel Owner page.