Vehicle Registration Renewal

Please allow 30 days for processing. You may check your Vehicle Registration Status online.

Did you already submit your renewal payment? You do not need to pay again.

Process more complex vehicle registration renewals, including partial year registration (PYR).

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Before you begin:

  1. This assisted registration renewal request is designed for more complex transactions that would normally require a DMV Field Office visit. For faster processing, customers should check eligibility and use the online vehicle registration renewal system if eligible.

  2. When processing your renewal through this assisted process, or placing your commercial vehicle on partial year registration (PYR), gather the following documents:

    • Current vehicle registration renewal notice
    • Smog inspection certification (if needed)

If the renewal notice does not have the correct address, complete a change of address online and allow 3 business days for processing before completing your registration renewal.

Additional Information

Registration renewals can vary based on circumstances. If your renewal needs require additional information or guidance, the following pages may help to answer your questions before you start your registration renewal transaction in DMV Virtual Office.

Registration-Related Fees

Renewal Fee Calculators

How to Renew a Vessel

Online Registration / Renewal FAQs

Step-by-Step Videos to Complete Transactions

Noncommercial Renewals
Partial Year Renewals (English)
Partial Year Renewals (Spanish)