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Teen Drivers

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) continues to promote the rules of the road and further develop a generation of safe young drivers. Information has been developed specifically for young drivers and their parents. In addition to safe driving, the DMV also provides helpful tips and resources pertaining to today's youth. 

Information for Teen Drivers

•    Driver License and Identification Card
     Information on how to apply for a driver license or identification card and specific instructions for young drivers.

•    Education and Employment
     Information on education assistance and employment opportunities.

•    Government Agencies
     Links to California government offices and agencies.

•    Online Services
     Information on making appointments, locating a field office near you, and other available online services.

•    Parents
     Information on parents’ roles and responsibilities.

•    Roadside Emergency Kit
     Information on roadside emergency kits.

•    Samples of Driver License Written Tests
     Information on written sample tests.

•    Saving Money
     Information on low cost insurance and saving gas.

•    Teen Issues
     Helpful information about distracted driving and driving under the influence and drugs.

•    Vehicle Registration
     Information on first time vehicle registration or renewal.

•    Additional Information
     Links to a variety of additional information.

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