Featured Forms

Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plates (REG 195)

Application for Replacement or Transfer of Title (REG 227)

Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, Documents (REG 156)

Application for Title or Registration/Verification of Vehicle (REG 343)

Bill of Sale (REG 135)

Statement of Facts (REG 256)

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Boat 178

Certification of Lien Sale for Vessel or Vessel with Trailer Valued Over $1,500 (BOAT 178)

DL 101R

Request for DUI Program Forms (DL 101R)

Dl 101S

DUI program Signatory Authority (DL 101S)

This form is used by DUI Program owners/directors to add or delete authorized employees for the purpose of both ordering and signing the DUI Program forms, specifically the DL 101 and the DL 107.

DL 1072

School Bus Safety Violation Notification (DL 1072)

DL 11

Transmittal Form (DL 11)

DL 114

Request for Dismissal of Failure to Appear (FTA) Violations (DL 114)

This form requests the dismissal of failure to appear FTA violations.

DL 119

Statement of Consent to Issue an Acceptance of Liability for a Student License (DL 119)

DL 120

Application for Junior Permit (DL 120)

DL 1236

California Commercial Driver Behind the Wheel Training Certification (DL 1236)

DL 128

Dismissal for Reason Involving Pupil Transportation Safety (DL 128)

This form is used by an employer to notify Driver Safety Services when a driver is fired or dismissed because, for safety reasons, the driver should not be transporting pupils.