Vehicle Verifier License

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You need to have a vehicle verifier license to submit vehicle identification proof to DMV or an authorized representative for the purpose of registering a vehicle or transferring vehicle ownership.

How to Apply for a Vehicle Verifier License

To apply for your license, submit the following:

Mail your application and fees to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Occupational Licensing
Individuals Unit
PO Box 932342 L224
Sacramento, CA 94232-3420

You will also need to undergo a background investigation.


  • $51 non-refundable application fee
  • $1 family support program
  • $50 reinstatement fee (if applicable)
  • $15 duplicate license fee (if applicable)

How to Renew a Vehicle Verifier License

To renew your license, complete an OL 19 form. Mail your application and fees to the address on the form. 


  • $15 renewal fee
  • $1 family support program

Vehicle Verifier Exclusions

A vehicle verifier does not include any of the following:

  • Peace officer.
  • Authorized employee of DMV.
  • Special agent of the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
  • An employee of an organization certified under the provisions of Part 5 (commencing with §12140) of Division 2 of the Insurance Code whose duties require or authorize the verification of vehicles.

Individuals matching any of these descriptions can perform the duties of a vehicle verifier without a license.

Vehicle Verifier Licensing Authority

California Vehicle Code (CVC) §§675.5, 675.6, and 11300-11310. The CVC is available for purchase from DMV.

California Code of Regulations Title 13, Chapter 1.

Government Code §6157 (a) – (d).

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