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Download HD Video (B-Roll)

The DMV offers news organizations high-definition video for use in news stories related to DMV programs. The downloadable video includes generic b-roll and public service announcements.

DMV Webcasts

The DMV holds workshops and various events to help inform our customers of different programs and services. The workshops and events are intended gather input from industry, consumer and public interest groups, academics, as well as the public, to help improve the quality of our programs and services.

Autonomous Vehicle Workshop

On October 19, 2016, at the California State Capitol, the DMV held its latest public workshop to gather feedback on draft deployment regulations for self-driving cars. In case you missed it, the video is available at: Autonomous Vehicle Workshop Video – October 19, 2016 (Sacramento)

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DMV Statistics

Top 10 DMV Facts (As of 1/1/18)

  1. Licensed Drivers: 26,957,875  
  2. Registered Vehicles: 35,391,347
  3. Registered Motorcycles: 895,071
  4. Registered Special Interest Plates: 778,593
  5. Registered Off Highway Vehicles: 782,926
  6. Disabled Placards: 2,927,384
  7. Registered Hybrid/Electric Vehicles:
    • Hybrid Vehicles: 1,166,511
    • Electric Vehicles: 181,348
  8. Licensed Auto Dealers in California:
    • New Vehicle Dealers: 1,534
    • Used Vehicle Dealers: 7,662
  9. 2017 Online Transactions:
    • Vehicle Registrations (VR): 10,649,908
    • Driver License Renewals (DL): 1,054,490
    • Identification Card Renewals (ID): 62,450
    • Change of Address filings: 1,414,844
    • Notices of Release of Liability: 2,793,362
    • Personalized License Plate Reservations: 241,834
    • Vehicle Insurance Program: 655,481
    • VR/DL Record Requests: 481,060
  10. 2017 Self Service Terminals (SST) Transactions:
    • Vehicle Registration (VR):  1,582,923

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