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The Employer Pull Notice (EPN) program enables commercial and government organizations to monitor the driving records of employees who drive for them. By monitoring their employees’ driving records, organizations can:

  • Ensure that each driver has a valid driver’s license.
  • Recognize problem drivers or driving behavior.
  • Improve public safety.
  • Minimize liability.

How it Works

Each employer enrolled in the EPN program is assigned a requester code. The requester code is added to applicable employees’ driver’s license records. When an employee’s driver’s license record is updated due to an action or activity, we make an electronic check to determine if a pull notice is on file. If the action or activity is one that must be reported under the EPN program (see below), a driver’s record is generated and sent to the employer.

Who is Required to Enroll?

Employers must enroll any driver employed to operate any vehicle if:

These requirements include:

  • Owners who own, lease, or otherwise operate more than one motor unit or more than three towed vehicles.
  • Owner/operators who have partners.
  • Family members and volunteer drivers.
  • Individuals employed for more than 30 work days in the preceding six months.

How to Enroll in the EPN Program and Request Records

Commercial and government employers have different steps for enrolling and requesting records:

Action and Activity Reports

Every year on the enrollment date, the EPN program automatically generates and sends a driver record when any of the following actions or activities occurs:

  • The driver is enrolled in the EPN program.
  • When a driver has any of the following actions or activities added to their driver record:
    • Convictions.
    • Failures to appear (FTAs).
    • Accidents.
    • Driver’s license suspensions or revocations.
    • Any other actions taken against their driving privilege.

In order for the EPN program to maintain accurate records, employers must notify DMV in a timely manner whenever they make changes that affect their EPN account, including:

  • Changes to the method for making inquiries and receiving responses (online or electronic file transfer).
  • Termination of enrolled drivers (per California Vehicle Code (CVC) §1808.1).
  • Address changes (mailing and physical).
  • Ownership changes (corporate officers, partners).
  • Employment changes (new drivers, termination of drivers).
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) changes.
  • Telephone number changes.
  • Business closing.
  • Mergers.
  • Business sale.
  • Company name change.
  • Account contact person change.

Find instructions for making changes to Commercial or Government accounts.

There are three digital service options to request and receive reports:

  • Easy-to-use online hub: Commercial employers and government entities can manage their Employer Pull Notice requests and reports online. The digital service has all the features of the traditional program, but saves you paper, postage and processing time. Visit the EPN online requester to get started.
  • File transfer: You can use DMV secure file transfer (SFT) system to send inquiries and receive reports for prospective new hires, casual drivers, and newly enrolled drivers. There is no added charge and minimal tech assistance is required.
  • DMV-Approved EPN Agent: If you already have a requester account, requests and reports for currently enrolled drivers, prospective new hires, or casual drivers are available online through third-party providers. This process is not available for generated driver records.

EPN Agents

EPN Agents are authorized by DMV to act on the behalf of an EPN account holder. All EPN Agents must use our SFT website for submitting and receiving driver records and adding and deleting drivers from the account holder’s file.

EPN Agents receive record information directly from DMV to perform a specific business function as defined in CVC §1808.1. Use of an EPN Agent does not absolve the employer of responsibility for compliance with the requirements of CVC §1808.1.

Permitting employers to utilize agents does not affect the current procedures for processing EPN requests. It is important that all parties involved understand the EPN Program Requirements (INF 1107).

To utilize the service of an approved EPN Agent, the EPN account holder must complete and sign the EPN Agent Authorization (INF 2110).

NATIONAL SAFETY COMPLIANCE, Inc. (www.nsc2000.com)
(949) 472-0645

SAMBASAFETY (www.sambasafety.com)
SambaSafety Sales (888) 947-2622

ECM Enterprises LLC (www.e-compliancemanager.com)
(510) 772-2684

A–CHECK AMERICA (www.acheckglobal.com)
Heather Elmore (951) 750-1382 ext. 3014

iiX (www.iix.com)
Katie James (800) 299-7099 ext. 182

CITY REGISTRATION SERVICES (www.cityregistration.com)
(661) 397-5600

KELMAR SAFETY INC. (www.kelmarsafety.com)
Kelmar Sales (317) 468-0730

EMBARK SAFETY (www.embarksafety.com)
(407) 536-7233

APPLICANT INSIGHT, Inc. (www.applicantinsight.com)
(800) 771-7703

SAFETYFIRST SYSTEMS (www.safetyfirst.com)
Stacey Payne (201) 267-8900 ext. 210

CBR Services (www.cbrservices.net)
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Ryan Billet (317) 770-0953 ext. 112

RINEHART & ASSOCIATES, Inc. (www.rinehartandassociates.com)
Sales (909) 989-5100

SuperVision Sales (855) 353-8252

JJ KELLER (www.jjkeller.com)
Business Service Sales (888) 473-4638

JR TRUCKING PERMITS (www.jrtruckingpermits.com)
(209) 817-8407

BLUAGENT TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. (www.bluagent.com)
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FOLEY CARRIER SERVICES LLC (www.foleyservices.com)
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NECS (www.necssolutions.com)
Barb Keim (800) 348-4242

(530) 637-1696

CONCORDE, Inc. (www.concorde2000.com)
(215) 563-5555

LOGAN REGISTRATION SERVICE, Inc. (www.loganreg.com)
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Doug McQueen (916) 287-9280

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TESSERA DATA INC (www.tesseradata.com)
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VALLEY DRUG TEST, Inc. (www.drugtestvalley.com/index.php)
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Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

EPN Program

  • Administer the EPN program.
  • Provide employers and regulatory agencies with a means for promoting driver safety through the ongoing review of driver records.

Registration Operations Division

  • Administer the Motor Carriers of Property Permit Act.
  • Administer the Private Carrier of Passenger (PCP) Program.
  • Issue Motor Carrier Permits (MCPs).

PO Box 932370 MS G875
Sacramento, CA 94232–370
(916) 657–8153

California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Commercial Vehicle Section (CVS)

  • Enforces EPN program.
  • Enforces MCP Permit Act.
  • Enforces Household Goods Carrier Act.

PO Box 94289
Sacramento, CA 94289–0001
(916) 843–3400

Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

Rail Safety and Carriers Division, License Section

  • Oversee passenger transportation, passenger stage, charter–party carrier.
  • Administer the licensing and enforcement of passenger carriers.

505 Van Ness Avenue, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

For passenger carrier complaints, call 1-800-894-9444.

Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)

Bureau of Household Goods and Services (BHGS)

  • Household goods carriers.
  • Administer the licensing & enforcement of Household Goods Carriers.

4244 South Market Court, Suite D
Sacramento, California 95834-1243
(916) 999-2041

For household goods carrier complaints, call (833) 488-2327.

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