Vehicle Transporter License

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You need a vehicle transporter license to move vehicles for the purpose of delivering them to dealers, manufacturer sales agents, purchasers, or a new location as requested by the owner.

How to Apply for a Vehicle Transporter License

Apply for your license and pay your fees online.

To apply for your license, submit the following:

Other agencies may also require a:

After DMV processes your application, you’ll receive an email instructing you to schedule an inspection of your business location. Once you receive that email, you’ll need to create a DMV online account and select a time slot for an inspection. The email you receive will provide the information you need to get started.

Need help? These step-by-step guides can help you use DMV's online inspection scheduling service:

Create your DMV Account
YouTube Video
Schedule an Inspection
YouTube Video
View your Inspection Report and Upload a Photo
YouTube Video

Please note that this inspection tool supports these browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari (iOS/OS X).

You will also need to undergo a background investigation.


  • $100 non-refundable application fee
  • $1 family support program
  • $50 for each branch location (if applicable)
  • $92 for each auto plate (plus county fees, if applicable)

Application Checklist

Take a look at the Transporter Application Checklist (OL 201) to make sure you completed all the steps.

How to Renew a Vehicle Transporter License

Renew your license and pay your fees online.

To renew your license, complete a Renewal Application (OL 45). Mail your application and fees to the address on the form.


  • $85 renewal application fee
  • $1 family support program
  • $50 renewal fee for each branch location (if applicable)
  • $92 for each auto plate (plus county fees, if applicable)

How to Modify a Vehicle Transporter License

Modify your license and pay your fees online.

To modify an existing license, complete and submit the relevant form(s):

Submit your completed form and fees to your local inspections office.


  • $50 name change fee
  • $50 address change fee
  • $50 add a branch fee
  • $70 officer change fee

Vehicle Transporter Licensing Authority

California Vehicle Code (CVC) §§29, 645, and 11700 et seq. The CVC is available for purchase from DMV.

California Code of Regulations Title 13, Chapter 1.

California Government Code §6157 (a) – (d).

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