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Chapter 1: Introduction and General Information


IRP (also referred to as the Plan) is an apportioned or “prorated” registration program that allows payment of license fees based on the total distance operated in two or more Member Jurisdictions. The provisions of IRP are approved by the Member Jurisdictions and maintained by the Board of Directors of IRP Inc. Presently, there are 59 jurisdictions (the 48 contiguous states, the District of Columbia, and 10 Canadian provinces) that are members of IRP.  California became a member of the IRP effective January 1, 1985.

Registrants file for IRP registration in their base jurisdiction.  The base jurisdiction calculates and collects the license fees due to all Member Jurisdictions in which the registrant’s fleet/vehicles will be operated.  The license fees are divided and disbursed monthly to all Member Jurisdictions in which the registrant’s fleet/vehicles will be operated.

The base jurisdiction issues one set of registration credentials (apportioned license plates and cab card) for each fleet vehicle registered under the plan.  The cab card displays the jurisdictions in which the fleet/vehicles are qualified for operation and the qualified operating weight for each jurisdiction.

In 2013, the Full Reciprocity Plan (FRP) was approved granting full reciprocity for all apportioned vehicles in all IRP Member Jurisdictions.  Changes have been implemented in all IRP Member Jurisdictions to provide customers with greater operational flexibility and authorize registrants to travel interstate, as needed, and pay fees for the accrued distance during the next renewal cycle.

FRP became effective January 1, 2015.  IRP vehicles with an IRP registration year beginning on or after January 1, 2015 are subject to the new FRP provisions.  The cab card for these vehicles will display all 59 IRP jurisdictions and the qualified operating weight for each jurisdiction.

The Plan is available for download free of cost, at the IRP Inc. website at

Vehicles operated solely within California do not qualify for IRP registration.


California will only accept IRP applications from carriers who provide proof of residency or an established place of business in California. Carriers based outside of California should contact the vehicle registration regulatory agency in their home state. The IRP Inc. website contains a complete list of IRP offices for Member Jurisdictions.

Prior to submitting an original or supplemental IRP application to DMV, please complete the Customer Application Checklist, MC 2129 IRP, to determine what documents and fees are required.  Detailed instructions for completing Schedules A/B and C can be found on the reverse side of each form. Submit the checklist with the application package and appropriate fees by mail to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
IRP Operations Section
P.O. Box 932320 MS H160
Sacramento, CA 94232-3200

The following physical address may be used for special or expedite mailing only (no walk-in services are available at this address):

Department of Motor Vehicles
IRP Operations Section
2415 First Avenue MS H160
Sacramento, CA 95818

Payment options are listed below:

  • Full (100%) California fees.
  • CA Apportioned Fee + Other Jurisdiction Fees.  (A copy of the billing from the registrant or registration service agent’s system software that was utilized to calculate CA and other jurisdiction(s) fees must be submitted with the application.)
  • $250 per vehicle per month for the total number of months between the application date and expiration date.
  • $300 per vehicle per month (only for purchase price of $200,000 or more) for the number of months between the application date and expiration date.

Payment must be remitted in the form of a check or money order submitted by mail or overnight courier service directly to the IRP Operations Section.

Do not enclose cash payments when submitting applications by mail.


DMV Forms can be downloaded or printed from the DMV website at: (English)

For additional information or assistance contact the IRP Operations Section between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday or 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST on Wednesdays at:

Telephone: (916) 657-7971

Fax: (916) 657-6628

Alternatives to Using DMV Forms

  • Forms may be purchased from a printer who has a DMV approval number to reproduce specified forms.
  • Forms may be generated from a computer with the prior approval of the DMV.

For information and guidelines regarding alternatives to using DMV forms, read Ordering and Reproducing DMV Forms (FFDMV 1) located on the DMV website.

1.015 – REGISTRATION SERVICE AGENTS; (California Vehicle Code (CVC) 505.2, 11400)

Registration service agents or bureaus, properly licensed by the Occupational Licensing Branch of DMV, may prepare and file IRP applications on behalf of their customers.

New IRP registrants must submit an “Agent Authorization” form with their original application if they are to be represented for IRP registration purposes by a licensed registration service agent.  The agent authorization is only valid in the year for which it was filed and it must be renewed annually with the IRP fleet renewal application.  The agent authorization may be in any form as long as it contains the following information:

  • The month, day, and year the authorization becomes effective.
  • IRP account number or “New” for original IRP applications.
  • The full IRP account holder name.
  • The company name of the authorized licensed registration service.
  • The DMV occupational license number and expiration date of the registration service.
  • The business address, mailing address and telephone number of the registration service.
  • The names of the registration service employees that are authorized to sign IRP applications.
  • The signature of a salaried authorized employee of the IRP registrant.

IRP registrants must notify the DMV IRP Operations Section in writing immediately upon termination of their business relationship with a licensed registration service agent.  Such notification must be signed by a salaried authorized employee of the IRP registrant and include the following information:

  • IRP account number.
  • New mailing address.
  • New company representative contact name and telephone number, if applicable.

A new agent authorization form must be submitted if a new registration service agent will represent the carrier.

An employee of a licensed registration service agent cannot be designated as a company employee of an IRP registrant.  All IRP applications prepared by licensed registration services must contain the registration service agent’s DMV issued occupational license number and expiration date.

Although fleet records may be maintained at the agent’s place of business, the actual IRP registrant must meet and continually maintain the business (physical) address requirements of the Plan.

Applications for an Occupational License can be obtained by contacting the Occupational Licensing Branch at (916) 229-3126.


The Bonded Web User (BWU) program allows qualified businesses within the industry to process interstate registration services for apportioned vehicles remotely. BWU participants are authorized to process and issue apportioned vehicle license plates, year stickers, Commercial Vehicle Registration Act (CVRA) weight decals, and CVRA year stickers.

For more information about the BWU program visit the department’s website at:


The IRP Operations section, in Sacramento, has telephone representatives available for questions or information on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST and on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, except on state holidays.  The IRP Operations Section’s telephone number is (916) 657-7971.

IRP representatives will discuss specific IRP carrier, vehicle, and account registration information and status only with individuals employed by the authorized registration service agent, the registrant, or authorized contact shown on the account record.