Dismantler’s Handbook of Registration Procedures

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Acquiring and Dismantling Vehicles

2.040 When a Vehicle Can Be Dismantled (VC §11520)

A vehicle can be dismantled:

  • Ten days after the Dismantlers Notice of Acquisition (REG 42) is mailed to the department.
  • Any time after the Report of Vehicle To Be Dismantled (REG 42), evidence of ownership, and license plates or Dismantler’s Notice of License Plate Destruction are delivered to the department.
  • Immediately, by a licensed dismantler, without regard to the 10-day waiting period, if the vehicle:
    • was acquired from a city or county under a local abatement program (VC §§ 22660 & 22664).
    • already has “junk” status on the DMV record.