Dismantler’s Handbook of Registration Procedures

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Acquiring and Dismantling Vehicles

Chapter 2 Acquiring and Dismantling Vehicles

2.000 Procedure When a Vehicle Is Acquired (VC §§11520, 22664)

Step 1

Before accepting the vehicle, check the vehicle identification number on all documents with the vehicle identification number on the vehicle. If the documents do not match the vehicle, the owner must provide correct documents before you take it into your inventory.

Step 2

Complete the Dismantlers Notice of Acquisition (REG 42) in triplicate. For a list of transactions that do not require the Dismantlers Notice of Acquisition, refer to the chart in Section 2.020. For instructions on completing the REG 42, refer to Chapter 3.

Step 3

Mail the Notice of Acquisition (REG 42) to the DMV (original) and Department of Justice (duplicate) within five calendar days of acquiring the vehicle, not counting the day of acquisition. Calendar days include Saturday, Sunday, and state holidays. The postmark date on the envelope will determine compliance. See Section 3.010.