Dismantler’s Handbook of Registration Procedures

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Evidence of Ownership Documents

4.030 Nonresident Vehicles

Generally, all states issue a title to most motor vehicles. Some states do not issue titles for non-motorized vehicles, such as trailers. Also, in the past, some states did not issue titles to certain older motor vehicles and trailers. Dismantlers may contact a local DMV office to verify whether or not a title would have been issued for a vehicle, because of its age or type.

Vehicles From a Title State—Evidence of ownership must be the title, properly endorsed by the owner/seller. A bill of sale is acceptable in lieu of the seller’s signature on the title. If there is a lienholder shown on the title:

  • The lien must be marked “paid” and countersigned by the lienholder, or
  • A Lien Satisfied (REG 166) must be submitted, or
  • An original or certified copy of the conditional sales contract or security interest must be marked “paid” and countersigned by the lienholder.

Vehicles From a Nontitle State—The following are acceptable as evidence of ownership when a title was not issued by the jurisdiction where the vehicle was last registered.

  • A clear title from another state or country.
  • A letter from the nontitle state indicating that a foreign title was surrendered to that state (unless the registration indicates a title was surrendered).
  • A bill of sale or dealer invoice to the registered owner named on the nonresident registration that identifies the vehicle by make and identification number, states the vehicle is free of all liens and encumbrances when sold to the buyer, and indicates the vehicle was paid for in full.
  • The original or certified copy of a conditional sales contract marked “paid” with the lienholder’s name and a countersignature or cleared by a lien satisfied. An original or certified copy of a nonresident dealer invoice that describes the vehicle by make and identification number, shows the dealer’s name/address in the invoice letterhead, gives the buyer’s name(s), and is marked “paid” and countersigned by the dealer may be substituted for the conditional sales contract.