Dismantler’s Handbook of Registration Procedures

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6.020 Nonresident Vehicles

Definition: A vehicle that was last registered out of state.

Notice of Acquisition (REG 42): Required

Report of Vehicle To Be Dismantled (REG 42): Required

When can the vehicle be dismantled?

  • Ten days after the Dismantlers Notice of Acquisition (REG 42) is mailed to the department.
  • Any time after the Report of Vehicle To Be Dismantled (REG 42), evidence of ownership, and license plates or Dismantler’s Notice of License Plate Destruction (REG 42) are delivered to the department.

Documents required to obtain junk status:

Submit to the department:

  • Report of Vehicle To Be Dismantled (REG 42)
  • Application for Title and Registration (REG 343) completed in the dismantler’s name.
  • Verification of Vehicle (reverse side of REG 343) completed by an authorized DMV employee, a licensed vehicle verifier, or a peace officer.
  • Out-of state titling documents.
  • If the vehicle was purchased from someone other than the registered owner, as shown on the out-of-state title, bill(s) of sale to complete the chain of ownership showing the dismantler as the latest owner.