Dismantler’s Handbook of Registration Procedures

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6.070 Vehicles Already Reported as Dismantled (Second Junks)

Definition: A licensed dismantler acquires a vehicle that has been reported as dismantled by an individual or another licensed dismantler.

Notice of Acquisition (REG 42): Not required

Report of Vehicle To Be Dismantled (REG 42): Not required

When can the vehicle be dismantled?


Documents required to obtain junk status:

Retain in the dismantler’s business records:

  • A bill of sale from the selling dismantler that shows the selling dismantlers Notice of Acquisition control number.


  • A junk receipt issued by the department or some other evidence, such as a DMV receipt or printout from the person who reported the vehicle as dismantled.


  • Bill(s) of sale to complete the chain of ownership showing the buying dismantler as the latest owner.