Dismantler’s Handbook of Registration Procedures

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Dismantler’s License

1.050 Dismantler Plates (VC §11516)

By displaying a dismantler plate, a licensed dismantler who owns or controls a vehicle subject to registration, may operate or move the vehicle upon the highways without subjecting the vehicle to registration or transfer. Dismantler plates must be displayed on the vehicle in addition to any other license plates or permits already assigned to the vehicle. Dismantler plates can only be used to move a vehicle from its location to the dismantler’s place of business or to a scrap processor’s location. The registration card issued for dismantler plates must be with the vehicle bearing the dismantler plates.

Dismantler plates may not be used on work or service vehicles owned by the dismantler. Such vehicles must be properly registered and licensed. Misuse of dismantler plates is a violation of VC §§4000(a) and 11516.

For additional information regarding the issuance and restrictive use of dismantler plates, contact the department’s Occupational Licensing Section at (916) 229-3126.