Dismantler’s Handbook of Registration Procedures

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6.080 Lien Sale — Vehicle Valued at $4,000 or Less

Definition: A vehicle valued at $4,000 or less that is sold to satisfy a lien for towing, storage, or services rendered.

Notice of Acquisition (REG 42): Not required

Report of Vehicle To Be Dismantled (REG 42): Required

When can the vehicle be dismantled?

Any time after the Report of Vehicle To Be Dismantled (REG 42), evidence of ownership, and license plates or Dismantler’s Notice of License Plate Destruction (REG 42) are delivered to the department.

Documents required to obtain junk status:

Submit to the department:

  • Report of Vehicle To Be Dismantled (REG 42).
  • Certification of Lien Sale for Vehicles Valued at $4,000 or Less (REG 168A) completed by the lienholder or agent.
  • Certified mailing receipts (attached to the REG 168A).
  • DMV printout of the vehicle record.
  • If the lien sale was opposed, one of the following:
    • A certified copy of a court judgment entered in favor of the lienholder.
    • A release of interest from the opposer.
    • DMV authorization to continue with the lien sale after unsuccessful service.
  • Verification of Vehicle (REG 343), if no California record.
  • Bill(s) of sale, as needed, to complete the chain of ownership to the buying dismantler.