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Sample Commercial Drivers Written Test 2


Sample Commercial Drivers Written Test 2


Your browser must be JavaScript enabled to complete the sample driver license written test below. Only JavaScript enabled browsers will check your answer and provide an immediate pop-up response indicating if your answer is correct or not. Browsers that do not support JavaScript may seem to indicate the wrong answer as the correct answer. Therefore, an answer sheet is available for browsers that do not support JavaScript and for customers using screen readers.

1. You are about to go down a long, steep, downhill grade in a newer truck. You should:


2. Which of these items is checked in a pre-trip inspection?


3. If you are stopped on a one-way or divided highway, you should place reflective triangles at:


4. When a heavy fog occurs you should:


5. You should plan ahead when you park your vehicle so that:


6. The term "Gross Combination Weight" refers to:


7. A driver should look _______ ahead of the vehicle while driving.


8. Which of the following statements is true about overhead clearance?


9. Which of the following statements is true when you are performing a pre-trip inspection on your brakes and suspension system?


10. A broken exhaust system is dangerous because:



Please send comments regarding our interactive CDL examination and DMV's web site to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Publication and Online Information Branch M/S C266
P.O.Box 932345
Sacramento, CA 94232-3120

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