Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 28: Bundle Listings

28.005 Completing a Transmittal of Registration Applications (FO 247)

Chapter 28 Bundle Listings

28.005 Completing a Transmittal of Registration Applications (FO 247)

  • The Transmittal of Registration Applications (FO 247) must be submitted in duplicate, but may be prepared in triplicate if a receipt for the applications is requested before being processed.
    • A separate check for each transmittal is preferred, but not required.
    • Check with your local DMV office.
  • After the transactions are processed, the original FO 247 is retained by DMV and the duplicate is returned to the submitter, along with a reconciliation report and any returned items.
    • The objective of using the transmittal is clarity.
    • Therefore, if necessary, use two lines for an entry rather than crowding the information on one line.
    • Notations, such as “posting fees only,” may be shown on the transmittal.

Follow the chart when completing the dealer’s portion of the FO 247:

Step 1: Enter the dealer/registration service/industry information in the heading and conversion from IRP to regular or partial-year registration.

Step 2: Check “credit” if you want a credit receipt for the excess fees or “refund” if you want a check to be issued from DMV headquarters for the excess fees.

This applies to the entire bundle and cannot be split.

Step 3: Indicate if you want the completed transmittal to be picked up or mailed upon completion.

  • All incomplete applications (RDF’s) will be returned with the completed transmittal and reconciliation report whether picked up or mailed.
  • In most cases, the license plates, registration cards, and stickers will be mailed to the customer directly unless you indicate that you want all plates, registrations, and stickers returned directly to you for handling.

    Contact your local field office to determine the “pick up” and “mail” policy, since some DMV offices, CRC and BSC may not allow industry to pick up completed work.

Follow the chart when completing the shaded areas of the FO 247:

1.  Vehicle identification number or license number.

1a.  Name of buyer.
       For transactions such as renewals, legal owner transfers, etc., show the current owner’s name.

2.  Application for Registration of New Vehicle (REG 397) or Report of Sale-Used Vehicle (REG 51) number, if a dealer.
     Acquisition number (REG 42), if a dismantler.
     All others, leave blank

3.  Check if the vehicle is new.

4.  Check if the vehicle is used.

5.  Date of sale or acquisition number, if applicable; leave blank if no sale involved.

6.  Amount of DMV fees collected from the customer. For nondealer transactions, include the use tax collected.

7.  Receipt number of any previously issued credit for the vehicle (for example, 625050108B30050).
     Do not list prior bundle credit amounts in this column.

7a.  Dollar amount of the credit listed in Column 7.

7b.  Amount of cash or check submitted on this transmittal in addition to any amount shown in Column 7a.
       Include amounts of dealer credits for refunds from prior bundles as part of this Column.

7c.  Total of Columns 7a and 7b.

In the shaded box labeled “Submitter’s Comments”, put any comments that will be helpful to DMV in processing your transactions, such as “Call Tina for additional fees” etc, and sign where indicated.

All other information will be completed by DMV.